Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Well we headed for Utah on Friday @ 11. The rain hit us in Beaver and it basically rained the whole time on and off while we were in Utah. I swear every time we go to Utah, the heavens open and it rains. Not fair! We got in to SLC that night. Tyler got us a room at this historic hotel. It was pretty sweet. We had a blast and really enjoyed spending time with Grandma Powers. We visited our friends Christian and Deanna. It was Tyler's first encounter with my crazy girl DeAnna but the two of them bonded and now they are basically BFFs. haha. We ran up to Sexy Rexy (Rexburg) on Monday morning. I seriously asked Tyler this question about 40 times this weekend...."why do we live in vegas?" Idaho was gorgeous and I miss it. We stayed with our friends Brent and Meredith and had a lot of fun with them. We had a bbq and played a clean cut version of poker all night long. Don't judge :) We got home on Tuesday night and were thrown back to reality when we found out that Tyler lost my debit card. Good's still a touchy subject. Work has been CRAZY busy, but the days are flying by and it's already Friday tomorrow. HOLLA! Not gonna lie....I don't have much to talk about in this post. So, until next time....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Week in Review

Well last week was a long week, almost as long as this one....Is it Friday yet?!?!? So, I was on my way to the brother in law's office last Tuesday (I am crunching #'s after the tax season) when all of a sudden my car started to shake. It was kinda windy so I thought it was just that...but, after about 2 miles I realized it was something bigger. I would go into all the dramatics, but I'm trying to get over it. Let's just say after numerous breakdowns (all me) and a very patient husband...oh, and a lot of money MY CAR IS FIXED.

We made it to the temple on Thursday night. So peaceful, especially after a crazy week. I'm so glad that we went :)

Tyler is on a softball team. He loves it and is doing great. His games are so late though. 8:30 and 9:30 on Monday nights. Um, I go to bed at 9, so......... Oh, he just informed me that this next one is at 6:30. Good to know!

So.....we're still getting wedding gifts. We have been blown away with the kindness of everyone. So nice :) Seriously, my mam calls about once a week to tell me that someone else has dropped off another gift at the house for Tyler and I. Well about a week ago, my sister Kim called and said that my old bishopric and their wives had given her a gift for Tyler and I. (I knew she had opened it because that's how she rolls....shady ;). Anyway, the gift was two large frames. one of The Living Christ and the other of The Proclamation to the World. They had our picture printed on the proclamation....So precious :)

Let's see, what else is new.....Well, we are winding down the Idol season. Let me begin by saying that I seriously almost lost my legs last night on the treadmill. I was glued to Idol and switched between that and Biggest Loser for an hour. I mean, my legs almost buckled when I was done. Anyway, Adam tore it up...but, what's new?!?!? I really get ticked when people slam him. He might wear tight pants and be a major fembot, but BOY CAN SING! I almost ate it when Danny ruined Dream On. It was bad, but he can still sing. And, it just me or is Slash slightly attractive? I had an epiphany last night in regards to Idol: Adam should drop out, because he's already made it. This way he will give someone else a chance. Just sayin'

In other reality new favorite show TOUGH LOVE ended it's season on Sunday. I miss my boy Steve....but, word on the street is that he is rallying the troops together for season 2. Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, is it stupid that I kinda want to check out that new show Glee? I mean, it looks kinda good.

Here's a pic of the sistaz. We went and watched Ghost's of Girlfriends Past. It was good, and Matthew's definitely still got it....HOLLA!

P.S. This is what I would like to do to Perez Hilton's face....Double Holla!