Saturday, February 20, 2010

End of Season!

Well, we are wrapping up the end of the basketball season! Yay! I decided to take the camera to the last game I went to. Here's a couple of shots of Tyler in action! Now, let me just say that some people have told us that they only come to watch Tyler on the sidelines. Let's just say he gets very involved in the game. I never really heard him scream until I saw him coach and I have never seen someone jump as high as him when the ref makes a bad call. hahaha. He may or may not have gotten a technical at one of his games this season. That's my man!
This is the calm before the storm.

This would be the storm hahaha.

All in all, the game turned out well and they won 72-57. I guess all the screaming was worth it!

I made bread this week and not to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty much awesome. hahaha. It seriously turned out sooooo great! I am going to try to make bread now instead of buying it. Tyler has always called me a bread snob. Hey, I can't help it if I'm a quality kind of girl. Anywho, this bread is as good as the expensive stuff. I put honey in it and you can make it with white or wheat flour. It's the easiest recipe ever and it's super good. Yay!

My baby shower is this weekend. The same day my sister is getting married. SAD! But, I'll make it through. I guess it's good that I have something to keep my mind off the fact that I'm missing her wedding. Here's the invite. SOOOOOO CUTE!

I have been walking a bit lately. I looked outside today and saw this beautiful sky and it looked way nice. So Tyler and I went walking. Obviously, I was deceived! My ears literally almost fell off. Not worth it. So that ended up being a short one. I do feel way better after walking though. My hips and pelvis constantly feel like they are being ripped apart. Good times.

So I had an appointment with my dr. yesterday. All is well. Everything is going according to plan...just as I always knew. I will have to have another ultrasound in two weeks to measure for size again and then he will decide on weather I will be riding this out til the end or weather he will be inducing. Someday, like let's say the day after I deliver...I will dedicate a blog to my doctor. It will be very intense and will be full of everything that he has put me through during this pregnancy. I just can't handle writing it right now, but mark my words I will! Stay Tuned for that one. It will be good.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Word Court!

So I mentioned in my last blog that I am a bit of a grammar snob. I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Sometimes Tyler will try to pull the "I'm smarter than you" tone on me and correct me. It drives me crazy....mostly because I know I'm rarely wrong. I will admit I say things funny, but I come from Ireland and was there through 5th grade, plus the language over there is probably more correct. I would think anyway. More of the traditional English language ya know? Tyler thinks he's so smart and he really is BUT he does say a few words that I'm like "uh, what?" For example: He says wuff rather than wolf. He also says fith rather than fifth. It's weird and he gets mad when I call him out. He usually pulls up this blog and points out all my run on sentences, but I mean that's totally different than bad grammar right? hahaha. Anyway, the point of my title is this: Why do people say "all of the sudden?" It drives me CRAZY! I have always said "all of a sudden," but recently I have heard "all of the sudden." When I hear it, I cringe. Physically cringe. So then I thought to myself that maybe I could be wrong. NO WAY! So, I googled it and I literally rolled on the ground laughing at some of the things it brought up. It turns out there are a lot more grammar snobs out there than I thought and it also turns out that I am right. It is "all of a sudden." YAY!

So there I was blog stalking this morning...and I couldn't help but wonder why everyone was putting Irish backgrounds on their blogs..HELLO?!!? St. Paddy's day is just around the corner, in like a month. WHOOP WHOOP! I will miss being with my family this year. Most years someone usually does a little St. Patricks Day get together. Oh well!
I started my birthing classes last night. It was quite the experience. Tyler's team is in the playoffs so unfortunately he wasn't able to come with me. It took everything in me to go alone, but I did it. The instructor was way nice and totally full of good information. There were two couples, one girl with her grandma and then me. About 5 seconds in, I thought to myself...."ok, this class is 2 hours long and if one of those stupid tool bags (the husbands to the two women) makes another stupid comment, I'm gonna get up and have a freak out!" They were THE MOST ANNOYING PEOPLE EVER! One of the guys in particular was AN IDIOT! Just making border line dirty comments and seriously felt like he had to comment on everything. I looked at his wife with pity because I seriously think I would drop a bow (elbow) if I had to see his face while delivering. I basically felt like he ruined the experience and the other guy didn't help much either. He just laughed his annoying laugh at everything the other dude said. Needless to say, they were probably the most ghetto, most annoying people I have ever met! Anywho, we took a tour of the birthing center and went over some symptoms of pregnancy and did an overview of the breathing which we will go over more in depth next week. Tyler's team is playing again next week, so i will have to go alone. I think the class thinks I am lying about having a birthing partner. Oh well, what can ya do?
We stayed up until about 1am watching American Idol last night. We're dumb, because I seriously felt like I had been kicked in the face when I woke up this morning. Tyler was like, "I wanna turn it off, but I wanna see who goes through." We had it recorded, but of course couldn't wait. I really like Ellen as a judge on there. She is so hilarious and I can't wait until it get's down to crunch time and then the show will really take off. Stand by for awesome posts from me on that :)
I am wondering when I should turn in my two weeks notice for But seriously, I don't know how much more I have in me. The kids aren't too bad actually. When the new year rolled around, we got rid of all the older ones and got all the younger, quieter kids. It's just the cleaning up of toys and running kids to the bathroom that is killer. I am actually looking forward to going back to Relief Society once I have the baby. I know, shocking!!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Little Man

We had an ultrasound this week to measure for size. My doctor was thinking I was measuring small so he had his nurse call the hospital to schedule an ultrasound since he doesn't do them at his office. We got there and the ultrasound tech was so nice. She was the same lady who told us the gender and made sure to point out everything. Our little guy was moving around and I kinda thought that he looked pretty big, but I haven't had an ultrasound since week 18. Anywho, at the end she said that he was measuring 3 weeks and 4 days ahead of schedule and that he was weighing about 5 pounds 11 ounces already. She did explain that the ultrasound can be off by up to a pound either way. Let's hope he's not measuring 6 pounds 11, or I may be delivering that 20 pound Indonesian babys twin. lol. I had researched online what the average size of a fetus should be this far along and found out that it's usually about 3.7 pounds. Eeeeek! It is always such a relief to see him moving around in there. And even though I am scared that I may be delivering a big boy, I am glad that he is bigger rather than small :) She also told us that he's still a boy. Phew...I have had a couple of nightmares that they might have messed up on that one.

It was hard for her to get a good picture of his face because he likes to keep both hands up by his chubby little cheeks all the time. haha. This is the best she got. It's my favorite one. He's so cute!!!!

I have to include this one of his foot. It looks like our little man might have his dad's feet. Tyler wears a size 13 and his toes look like my fingers. hahaha.

I don't know when I will be having him. There has been talk of inducing early because of size and I also found out my doctor is headed to Peru in mid March so who knows. We are just excited to meet him!!!!

P.S. If one more person says "Happy Valentimes," I am going to freak out! It's Valentines people! I have heard not only little kids say it, but also grown adults. I am a bit of a grammar snob, but seriously??? VALENTIMES??!?!?!?!?!? But..really Happy Valentines Day!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Final Countdown!

I am back into the blogging world. I know, I know...I have been slacking. I won't lie, I just wasn't feeling it. I have been so tired and then I got a huge cold on top of it so I have basically been laying low. Aren't we all glad that Tyler stepped up to the plate to take over the blog?!?!?!? hahahaha. He's crazy.

Well, where do I begin?

1) Yesterday was Tyler's birthday. I really meant to write a post yesterday, but was in bed sick by 9. We celebrated Tyler's birthday over the weekend, because we were both working yesterday. He reminded me about every 5 seconds that I had to be nice to him on this his birthday weekend...and I WAS :) I asked him what he wanted to do for dinner yesterday and he said he wanted me to cook something. So I decided to make sweet n sour chicken and cream cheese wontons. I know, right???

Happy Birthday Tyler! I LOVE YOU!!!!
2) My blog says I have 58 days left, but if my calculations are correct, I have less than that! YEAH BOI! Here's a couple of pics! Enjoy. P.S. I look like a Geisha in the seconds one. hahaha.

3) Basketball is almost over.....Do I sound excited??? I am. Tyler's team has done so well and will go to the playoffs next week and then we'll see about state.

4) My birthing class starts on the same day as the playoffs. So, basically it will be me with my pillow on the first night. lol. I AM SCARED! I keep going back and forth, like should I even take them? Is it worth it? Better more information, than less I guess. We'll see. The baby had the hiccups last night. It was so funny. We counted like 60 hiccups in a row. It. was. awesome.

5) I had two friends have babies today. They were both born perfect and healthy! So cute. When I got the text, my heart stopped for a minute because I realized I AM NEXT! I am so anxious and nervous, yet I am ready to get this party started....I think :) We are almost 99.9% set on a name. I am still going back and forth about going public with it. There are babies being born left and right and I will cut someone if they steal our name so I think I'll keep it private for now. It's CUTE though :)

Well that's about it to be honest. I will try to be better at posting, but really I just want to sleep all the time, so I guess we'll see.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Ok, so I made the executive man decision to commandeer the blog since Trudi has commandeered the couch. She's not feeling well. Anyway, I was strolling around the interwebs earlier this evening when I stumbled on what at first appeared to be my journal until I remembered that I don't keep a journal and that I didn't post it on a manly pregnancy informational website. The site mentions some of the emotional things that women go through during pregnancy including "nesting". "Nesting" is when expectant mothers feel an insatiable need to prepare the nest or home for the baby's arrival. This is the "hypothetical" conversation that the site has:

Her: "Did you wash your hands before you started cooking?"
Him: "Yes."
Her: "With soap?"
Him: "Yes."
Her: "Which soap?"
Him: "The soap that is on the sink."
Her: "Which soap that is on the sink, the one that smells good, or the one with bleach?"
Him: "The one that smells good."
Her: "Don't you know I'm pregnant(?)! Your baby is inside me. Do you want the baby to get germs from me eating the food you touch with your dirty hands! Wash your hands with the soap that has bleach!"

That is a glimpse into my life right now! This actual conversation hasn't happened yet but I'm sure it will and we've had many conversations that follow these lines. Like the habit I broke of eating so much at dinner I'm told that I'm too skinny and need to eat more. WHAT!? For those of you who know me, you know I eat alot. I'm used to being told to eat less. Now I'm being told to eat more? WTF, mate?

I rag on Truddi alot (I know there's not two D's in Trudi, that's because I'm spelling it how I say it these days, it rhymes will silly putty) but she's a trooper! We did Sealings at the Temple in Twin Falls saturday and the sealer said they worry about having pregnant women doing sealings because of kneeling and stuff but I told him she was as tough as they come. She had no problems and we were able to get alot of work done! She's amazing and awesome and while pregnant she still manages to cook for me most every night, she still manages to get to most of my basketball games, she still subs almost everyday with crazy kids, she has gone home teaching with me the past two weeks, she also lets me watch sportscenter sometimes too! Life is good, way good!