Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm a Blog Stalker

So, I'm what you might call a blog stalker...ain't no shame. While "stalking" I found this blog. This lady creates little scenes around her baby while she sleeps. Seriously, so cute!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Catching Up.

Well, I've been off the blogging circuit for a while, but now it's time to catch up! We are moving!!! We will be moving 20 miles away to the town where Tyler teaches. We have known this for awhile, but have been working out the details etc... Our move date is Sep 1st. I am having major anxiety about this. Mainly because school starts on the 30th and then two days later we move....On a Wednesday no less. Who does that??? We do. We have the Uhaul ordered and hopefully we will get everything to go smoothly. Packing sucks so much. I started yesterday and haven't even made a dent. It's funny how you think you don't have a ton of stuff until you have a baby and then it get's crazy. It's also hard to pack everything up when you have to still live here for two more weeks. Aggggghhhh, the stress!

I came out of my room one night to find these roses from Tyler. So pretty. I love him!!!

My mam was here all last week. We had so much fun! She got here on Monday night and left the following Monday. Last Wednesday I had a root canal. The dentist got it done in 50 minutes, so I thought we were smooth sailing since my last one took 4 hours. Anywho, that night I began experiencing some intense pain. My face seriously hurt from my cheekbone clear down to my chin. OUCH! I couldn't do anything and had to keep an ice pack on my face. I would wake Tyler up in the middle of the night crying. It sucked. I finally couldn't take it anymore and went back in on Friday morning. They prescribed me some vicaden (sp?) and an antibiotic. Chances are I had a reaction to the anesthetic. This happened the last time too. So, no more novacain for me I guess. I finally started feeling better on Sunday. I am so glad my mam was here to help me out. Thanks Ma!!! On Saturday, we went to SLC with my mam. It was soooooooooo much fun! Have you ever been to the farmers market there?? It is one of our favorites. They have like 200 booths and you kinda feel like you are back at woodstock. Not that I would know. haha. We went to a Brazilian steakhouse for lunch. I can't even describe how good the food was. I have been to one in Vegas before, and this one was even better. You need to go. NOW. Noah made his debut at the steakhouse when he had a blowout in the air as I was taking him out of his carrier. Let's just say we went through 3 outfits and had to also buy one that day. Gotta love the blowouts. Here are some pics from the day. Of course, my camera died so we didn't get many pics.