Monday, November 30, 2009

Growing Everyday!

Well Thanksgiving was great! I ate soooo much, but it was worth it! We had a blast with Tyler's family. Of course we didn't take pictures so I will have to wait until his sister posts some and then I will steal them :) The baby is kicking A LOT! It's always great to feel it! I have been having some back pain.....but not too bad. I don't know if it's an indication of back labor which would suck, but what can you do? I keep telling Tyler it's my psyatic (spell ck) nerve, but of course he thinks I am making up words. AWESOME! Well, here's a picture I took today. As you can see the baby and me are growing. I feel like I gain weight during the night. Good Times. I have plans to run this all off after I have the baby but that probably is pie in the sky :) My next dr's appointment is Weds. I am sure he will ask me if I ate a horse over thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What's new with the Matlocks? I am a week free from puking! YEEHAW! I feel pretty confident that I am over the nausea. Cross your fingers. So, basically I am loving my life since I can now enjoy food and am eating A LOT! Get ready for me to become a blimp :)
Tyler's family gets here tonight. I feel like a kid again. I swear I've been counting down for about 2 months now. Between that and the baby count down, I have ZERO patience. haha. We are sooooooo excited to see them! We will miss his parents, but will be out there in Oklahoma with them in less than a month for Christmas :) I have been cleaning and organizing all day. We just did a huge deep clean last week, and I am so glad because it made today so much easier. I think the job that I loathe the most would have to be laundry. Seriously, does it ever end???? I'm sure when I have a baby it will be about a hundred times worse. I need a maid!!!
Basketball started bright and early at 6am on Monday for Tyler. He is soooo excited about it. His first game is next Thursday. Good Luck!
I got a calling....Nursery! I'm not sure how heels will go over in there, but it should be fun! Peace out Relief Society. I mean, I'll miss it....or will I? hahaha. No, but really I will ;)

(this was on Monday morning)

We've had a few pretty big snow falls. Nothin like waking up to slick steps outside your front door. Which reminds me, Tyler needs to buy salt for the front steps before I break my face. The snow brings many memories of college back to me. I drove little Betty (my old honda) off the road and did many a 360 in that weather. Good times!
I have been having WILD dreams lately. I have been so freaked out that I have taken a lot of time to research it online. Just as I suspected, it is common in pregnancy. Last night my dream consisted of me...on a surgical table having a tracheotomy. In my dream, I was not numb and was wide awake. Mid procedure, I begin to flat line and basically die. Um......I seriously woke up in cold sweats. I also had another dream that I was in Ireland with people from the branch that I grew up in and some guys from Alamo buying Irish Chocolate. I woke up right as I was putting the Cadbury's chocolate into my mouth. It was so real I swear I could almost taste the chocolate. IT WAS AWESOME! while I was home "cleaning"...I stumbled upon this show Toddlers and Tiaras. What a TRAIN WRECK! I was appalled and disgusted at this whole idea. Ridiculous! Take a look at this picture....this kid is like 4...also they all have fake teeth....CREEPY! What is this world coming to?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Exciting News.

We found out on Friday that we are having A BOY!!!!!!!!!!! We are still tossing around names, which is fun! I will go ahead and apologize now for the lack of ultrasound pictures. I cannot find a scanner. Remember, we live in the sticks. The ultrasound was probably one of the coolest things I have ever seen. The lady took about 100 shots and was really nice and explained everything. She said I was measuring at over 19 weeks, and that our little man was weighing in at 11oz. We checked out the heart, spine, kidneys, legs, arms, everything. It was so awesome to see our little one shaking his head, and covering his face. Must be his mother :) There is a cool shot of his legs. His ankles are crossed and I can already see the "Matlock feet" lol. Everything looked great and it was truly amazing! Now...LET THE SHOPPING BEGIN!!!!

Today I decided I wanted cafe rio, but since we live 35 miles away, and it is Sunday...I decided to make my own. It was delicious and tasted the very same. Tyler is always still hungry after eating, but today he is lying on the floor whining that he is soooooooo full! Can't win, I guess.

In other news, cross country season is over. Basketball starts later this month so Tyler has a little break, which is nice. However, it is STILL football season! Ugh, does it seriously ever end? It's like everywhere I, pro's, fantasy, and even high school. I did go with Tyler to his school's playoff game on Saturday.....The things I do!

I decided to add the baby countdown to my blog....I am still undecided weather that was a good idea. On one hand, it's like...I'm half way there, but on the other I'm like "Shoot, I still have that much longer?" Also, my doctor told me that my due date is April 8th, but I believe that I am a week more than he thinks. When I went for the ultrasound, I measured over 19 weeks, so I am right and might have this baby in March.

p.s. Excuse the font, I don't know what's going on there.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Follow Up to Last Blog

Take a looksie at what I found in this mornings newspaper:
(if you're lost, read my previous post)

The citizens of Burley, having elected Mayor Jon Anderson twice before, replaced him with a relative unknown in the community. Robert "Terry" Greenman, a businessman who moved to the area seven years ago from Utah and first became politically active in the community by registering his opposition to selling liquor by the drink on Sunday within city limits, will become the new mayor.

Greenman received 908 votes. Anderson received 449 votes.

Last spring, Anderson broke a tied council vote that repealed the prohibition of Sunday booze, a move strongly opposed by the city's predominantly Mormon community.

Anderson, while disappointed, remained characteristically nonchalant about the election results.

"Well, talk about being outspent, outworked, and out of work," he said. "He (Greenman) ran a tremendous campaign - and, with the views presented of me in the community, I knew I was in trouble a long time ago."

Yeah, that's right...he lost. Look's like I probably wasn't the only one who had a run in with this poor excuse of a public figure.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This is me at 19 weeks.

I have zero patience and I HATE waiting, which leads me to my next topic. So I was supposed to go to my Dr. on Friday and then he was supposed to send me for the gender ultrasound. but I went to state with Tyler and had to reschedule for tomorrow instead. Now before I write a ranting novel, let me just say that I do not understand the way they do it here. My doctors office is brand new, super nice so you would think that he would have an ultrasound machine right?!?!? Nope. Here is how it will go: I will go in for my monthly appointment tomorrow and then he will order an ultrasound through the hospital. Then I will have to wait for the hospital to call me and schedule the ultrasound...Um, what is this 1982??? Get with the program people. Annoying.

In more exciting news....I had a fight with the mayor the other day on the phone. Yes, this is a true story. I have noticed three extra charges on our bill totalling $70. Anyway, Tyler called the city last month and they transfered him to the mayor who said he would take a look at it and get back to him. Needless to say, we never heard back from him so we paid it. We got our bill this week and I saw the same extra $70 on there. So I called up and asked to speak to the mayor. The phone call went like this:

Me: Hi..sorry to bother you but my husband and I just moved here and (then he cut me off)
Mayor: Yeah, I know. I already spoke to your husband last month.
Me: Okay, well we never heard back and that is why I'm calling.
Mayor: Look, I never got back to your husband because while researching I found out that you actually should be paying more, and I didn't want to rock the boat. If you want I can put you on the agenda for the city meeting and we can all explain your bill to you.

UH WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!

At this point, the Sh%# hit the fan. The conversation continued with him telling me that this city is in major debt so they had agreed that if they charge every household these "debt recovery fee's" for approximately the next 30 yrs, then the city would be out of debt. So basically my bill is about $115 a month, and $70 of it is for the city's debt....NOT INTERESTED! By this point I was screaming, "$70 per household times 30 yrs?!?!?!? How much debt is this city of 10,000 people in?" The guy was a total tool bag. About a week ago, the local newspaper had printed his salary so I took the opportunity to let him know that he is making $15k annually to do jack squat. He replied with "Look lady, some people feel that teachers make too much, isn't your husband a teacher?" At this point, I could hardly catch my breath and was screaming. There were a lot of other things that took place like him offering to pay the $2.50 extra charge on the bill if we couldn't afford it. I will spare you the rest of the details. All I know is elections were today and I hope this tool loses. Also, I swore to him that I would be writing a huge letter to the paper about him. He told me to "go ahead, because they love that type of thing." I'm still going to do it though. I think the most frustrating thing about this is the way I was treated. He totally acted like I was a woman who had no right to call the mayor. He didn't treat my husband like this which makes me think the jerk is a total sexist pig. Oh man, I still get fired up thinking about it. I called Tyler after I hung up on the guy and told him we were moving....BUT....I will make it.

Seriously, no offense if you are reading this and hail from Idaho...but I am sick and tired of the backwardness of this place. I refuse to keep quiet about it and WILL NOT stand for it. Between this and the hospital not billing me as insured...I swear. OVER IT!

Finally, I literally want to kick my tv in when I see Tracy's face on the biggest loser. She is soooo annoying. I seriously can't even watch the whole episode because I can't stand her face. But, tonight she got the boot. Peace out ninja breath.