Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Follow Up to Last Blog

Take a looksie at what I found in this mornings newspaper:
(if you're lost, read my previous post)

The citizens of Burley, having elected Mayor Jon Anderson twice before, replaced him with a relative unknown in the community. Robert "Terry" Greenman, a businessman who moved to the area seven years ago from Utah and first became politically active in the community by registering his opposition to selling liquor by the drink on Sunday within city limits, will become the new mayor.

Greenman received 908 votes. Anderson received 449 votes.

Last spring, Anderson broke a tied council vote that repealed the prohibition of Sunday booze, a move strongly opposed by the city's predominantly Mormon community.

Anderson, while disappointed, remained characteristically nonchalant about the election results.

"Well, talk about being outspent, outworked, and out of work," he said. "He (Greenman) ran a tremendous campaign - and, with the views presented of me in the community, I knew I was in trouble a long time ago."

Yeah, that's right...he lost. Look's like I probably wasn't the only one who had a run in with this poor excuse of a public figure.


  1. You can't read the article or whatever it is that you posted. Glad to hear the sexist pig lost! Score 1 for Trudi!

  2. Seriously, he sounds like a real gem. Glad he's out of there, for your sake! I agree about crazy eyes Tracy. She made me literally sick to look at, she's psycho! Good riddance to both her and your idiot mayor!

  3. can i just say . . . haha . . . (but like a genuine haha, those last two posts are awesome)