Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This is me at 19 weeks.

I have zero patience and I HATE waiting, which leads me to my next topic. So I was supposed to go to my Dr. on Friday and then he was supposed to send me for the gender ultrasound. but I went to state with Tyler and had to reschedule for tomorrow instead. Now before I write a ranting novel, let me just say that I do not understand the way they do it here. My doctors office is brand new, super nice so you would think that he would have an ultrasound machine right?!?!? Nope. Here is how it will go: I will go in for my monthly appointment tomorrow and then he will order an ultrasound through the hospital. Then I will have to wait for the hospital to call me and schedule the ultrasound...Um, what is this 1982??? Get with the program people. Annoying.

In more exciting news....I had a fight with the mayor the other day on the phone. Yes, this is a true story. I have noticed three extra charges on our bill totalling $70. Anyway, Tyler called the city last month and they transfered him to the mayor who said he would take a look at it and get back to him. Needless to say, we never heard back from him so we paid it. We got our bill this week and I saw the same extra $70 on there. So I called up and asked to speak to the mayor. The phone call went like this:

Me: Hi..sorry to bother you but my husband and I just moved here and (then he cut me off)
Mayor: Yeah, I know. I already spoke to your husband last month.
Me: Okay, well we never heard back and that is why I'm calling.
Mayor: Look, I never got back to your husband because while researching I found out that you actually should be paying more, and I didn't want to rock the boat. If you want I can put you on the agenda for the city meeting and we can all explain your bill to you.

UH WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!

At this point, the Sh%# hit the fan. The conversation continued with him telling me that this city is in major debt so they had agreed that if they charge every household these "debt recovery fee's" for approximately the next 30 yrs, then the city would be out of debt. So basically my bill is about $115 a month, and $70 of it is for the city's debt....NOT INTERESTED! By this point I was screaming, "$70 per household times 30 yrs?!?!?!? How much debt is this city of 10,000 people in?" The guy was a total tool bag. About a week ago, the local newspaper had printed his salary so I took the opportunity to let him know that he is making $15k annually to do jack squat. He replied with "Look lady, some people feel that teachers make too much, isn't your husband a teacher?" At this point, I could hardly catch my breath and was screaming. There were a lot of other things that took place like him offering to pay the $2.50 extra charge on the bill if we couldn't afford it. I will spare you the rest of the details. All I know is elections were today and I hope this tool loses. Also, I swore to him that I would be writing a huge letter to the paper about him. He told me to "go ahead, because they love that type of thing." I'm still going to do it though. I think the most frustrating thing about this is the way I was treated. He totally acted like I was a woman who had no right to call the mayor. He didn't treat my husband like this which makes me think the jerk is a total sexist pig. Oh man, I still get fired up thinking about it. I called Tyler after I hung up on the guy and told him we were moving....BUT....I will make it.

Seriously, no offense if you are reading this and hail from Idaho...but I am sick and tired of the backwardness of this place. I refuse to keep quiet about it and WILL NOT stand for it. Between this and the hospital not billing me as insured...I swear. OVER IT!

Finally, I literally want to kick my tv in when I see Tracy's face on the biggest loser. She is soooo annoying. I seriously can't even watch the whole episode because I can't stand her face. But, tonight she got the boot. Peace out ninja breath.


  1. You seriously crack me up Trudi. I love reading your blog. I think you should head down to city hall and kick the mayors sexist stupid !$@! I'll come back you up if you need me to. I hate that sort of BS

  2. who has ever thought that teachers make too much money? i have never heard that once in my life. but I'm glad that being preggers has only made you fiestier. if that is a word.

  3. So funny about your conversation to the mayor, kinda...I'm sure it was super frustrating at the time. PS...I also HATED Tracy on the biggest loser and was soooo excited when she got the boot!

  4. The sweetest Karma story was Tracey, she got hers! As for the Mayor, he did not know what Irish Broad he was messing with. I think Karma might have come back for a visit to him too. I love how real you are on this blog. I mean, we all see the real Trudi at every family gathering, but it's great that you are yourself for the whole blogging world too. Love ya tuts!