Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What's new with the Matlocks?

Well....here I am a week free from puking! YEEHAW! I feel pretty confident that I am over the nausea. Cross your fingers. So, basically I am loving my life since I can now enjoy food and am eating A LOT! Get ready for me to become a blimp :)
Tyler's family gets here tonight. I feel like a kid again. I swear I've been counting down for about 2 months now. Between that and the baby count down, I have ZERO patience. haha. We are sooooooo excited to see them! We will miss his parents, but will be out there in Oklahoma with them in less than a month for Christmas :) I have been cleaning and organizing all day. We just did a huge deep clean last week, and I am so glad because it made today so much easier. I think the job that I loathe the most would have to be laundry. Seriously, does it ever end???? I'm sure when I have a baby it will be about a hundred times worse. I need a maid!!!
Basketball started bright and early at 6am on Monday for Tyler. He is soooo excited about it. His first game is next Thursday. Good Luck!
I got a calling....Nursery! I'm not sure how heels will go over in there, but it should be fun! Peace out Relief Society. I mean, I'll miss it....or will I? hahaha. No, but really I will ;)

(this was on Monday morning)

We've had a few pretty big snow falls. Nothin like waking up to slick steps outside your front door. Which reminds me, Tyler needs to buy salt for the front steps before I break my face. The snow brings many memories of college back to me. I drove little Betty (my old honda) off the road and did many a 360 in that weather. Good times!
I have been having WILD dreams lately. I have been so freaked out that I have taken a lot of time to research it online. Just as I suspected, it is common in pregnancy. Last night my dream consisted of me...on a surgical table having a tracheotomy. In my dream, I was not numb and was wide awake. Mid procedure, I begin to flat line and basically die. Um......I seriously woke up in cold sweats. I also had another dream that I was in Ireland with people from the branch that I grew up in and some guys from Alamo buying Irish Chocolate. I woke up right as I was putting the Cadbury's chocolate into my mouth. It was so real though....like I swear I could almost taste the chocolate. IT WAS AWESOME!

Finally....today while I was home "cleaning"...I stumbled upon this show Toddlers and Tiaras. What a TRAIN WRECK! I was appalled and disgusted at this whole idea. Ridiculous! Take a look at this picture....this kid is like 4...also they all have fake teeth....CREEPY! What is this world coming to?


  1. Ha, you're cracking me up! I ♥ laundry and would do yours if you were closer lol. I'll take the laundry and you take the bathrooms...You'll know more what I mean when your little boy gets bigger :) I saw a couple min of Toddlers and Tiaras once too, creppy! Their tans, their outfits and most def the teeth...too much!

  2. I love your posts - they seriously crack me up! Pregnancy does funky things to you, so just keep a close eye. Have a fun Thanksgiving!