Monday, March 12, 2012

It's a.....

That's right...We are having a girl. I had a dr appointment on the 7th and the dr. told me to go ahead and schedule an ultrasound on my way out of the office. They typically do one around 20 weeks. Of course, the next available one is when we are in California, so they are only able to get me in on April 6th. It's weird because the dr's schedule has to coincide with the ultrasound opening because they actually come in at this office and go over the results with you right there. I think that's pretty cool. Anyway, Tyler and I knew there was no way we would be able to wait another month to find out if we were having a girl or boy. We had been thinking about going down to Utah this last weekend anyway, but when I saw that I could find out the gender on a Saturday in Utah...I was sold.

Tyler has said all along that it's a girl. He was right with Noah, so he basically thinks he's psychic at this stage in the game. I was so nervous, that I couldn't even think straight. I was so torn because I thought another boy would be so fun for Noah, but also would love a girl. We are over the moon about finding out that it's a little girl. She was not cooperating at all during the ultrasound. Legs crossed and everything. She finally threw her legs up over her head and he got a good shot. We are thrilled :)

I have been feeling a lot better since this weekend. I'm actually cooking dinner today. WOOHOO!!! Noah has been so cute about the baby. He comes over and kisses my belly and says "baby" and then goes over to Tyler and lifts his shirt and does the same thing to him. haha.

I also wanted to add this little pic of Noah because I think it's hilarious and definitely want it to be printed in our blog book. I LOVE HIM!!!