Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm

Tonight I decided that we needed to take a break from Mexican food. I have been craving Mexican like crazy, and I feel like I have made either tacos, burrito's, enchiladas, quesadillas, or carnitas every day. I have even branched out into making home made salsa. So....tonight I decided to switch it up and make this. SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! My husband sure is lucky...jk :) ALSO...it's snowing. Not interested.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Catching Up!

-I finally decided to post a pic. I don't know how much longer I will get away with wearing my own clothes....bring on the tent-like maternity clothes. Can you tell I'm excited? Also, I can't find long maternity pants anywhere :(
-I am still sick. Yes, still up-chucking. The other night Tyler said "Asian Buffet" and I was gagging. The good thing is, I feel like this baby likes spicy foods...which I LOVE, so I can deal with it. I also feel like I am growing by the second. I feel like I resemble a pumpkin. I had a nightmare one night that my doctor messed up and I was really having twins. I was freaking out, but I think I am good now.
-Tyler's team made it to state...holla.....and I get to go with....double HOLLA. It is up in Coeur De Lane, Idaho. I have always heard that it's way pretty up there, but never had the chance to go when I was up at BYUI. We are staying in Butte, MT the first night and then up there the second.
-I have been substituting almost everyday. My very first day I made some 8th grader cry...BUT it was only because I took her phone away after she tried texting right in front of me....THE NERVE. haha. I believe that I am being punished for the hell I gave some of the subs in Alamo back in the day....Mr. Sullivan, bless his heart. lol. I also caught the tail end of a conversation the other day in which a 6th grade boy was talking about all the girls he's made out with. I couldn't help myself but jump in, so I said..."making out?!?!?!? what are you 10?" To which he replied..."Uh no, I'm 12, thanks." I am strongly thinking about home schooling my kids. haha. I have decided that I prefer subbing at the Elementary. Basically, they don't talk back, they are cute, and they do not attempt to flirt with me like some of the high schoolers :)
-Tyler's high school got shut down last week. Too many kids called in sick, so they called a flu epidemic and shut it down. A lot of kids were sick, but we all know some probably knew if they got so many to call in...then they would have a 5 day weekend. Gotta give them props! Anywho, we headed off to SLC and spent the weekend with his grandma. It was so much fun. For once in our lives, it didn't rain and we were pretty much busy the whole time. Tyler's g-ma is on a mission at the church office building, so we got the VIP treatment and ate lunch with the brethren....ok, I made that last part up. haha.
-I would also like to give a shout out to all you Insurance Companies out there....NOT A FAN! I just spent about 8 weeks fighting with you and then, you finally paid my bill. I feel like I am continuously getting screwed over by you, even though I am paying A LOT for you every month. I almost threw down at the pharmacy today when I went to pick up more meds for the nausea. The lady at the counter tried to tell me that I owed them $15 for 3 pills....even though I paid $15 about 3 weeks ago for 12 pills. Of course, I almost lost it. I told her "you either give me 12 pills for $15, or divide the cost for 3 pills." She looks at me and in her little condescending voice says "Look, your insurance company only allows you to have 15 pills total per month." I suppose they think that women will get addicted to zofran...whatev! I swear, it took everything in me to not reach behind the counter and pummel her....(slightly emotional). Anywho, I ended up not backing down and they divided the cost for the 3 pills. People it's only $15, but it's the principle and I am sick of getting screwed over by insurance companies while my taxes are paying for other people to have their 25 kids!
-On a lighter note, Tyler's sister, her husband and son are coming for Thanksgiving. His g-ma also got permission to come up from the mission. We are soooooooo excited. I have been craving Thanksgiving food since about August, so I cannot wait. Mashed potatoes.....mmm, mmmm, mmmm. Tyler and I are going out to Oklahoma for Christmas. We're so excited. I can't wait to spend the holidays with the Matlocks and eat....I mean, what? haha. Don't worry Devine's...we'll be back for the traditional New Years Eve PARTTTTAY! Bring on the karaoke and risk. Here's hoping for no punches being thrown this year!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

........................Me, Myself and I.............................

I often. . . blog stalk.
I have . . .brown eyes.
I fear . . .something happening to someone I love.
I feel . . .excitement to have this baby!
I hear . . .The view....and I hate Whoppi :)
I smell . . .eggs that I just ate and am trying to keep down.
I wish . . .pregnancy was 1 month long.
I hate. . .bugs, or anything creepy crawly.
I think. . .I should read my scriptures with more purpose.
I know. . .how to work hard.
I want. . .to know the sex of our baby....NOW.
I always. . .feel grateful for the life I have :)
I am not. . .short.
I am like . . .my mother and father.
I believe. . .that I have a purpose and am loved.
I don't always. . .eat what I should.
I am happy that. . .we both have awesome families.
I win. . .at poker?
I never. . .want us to be unemployed.
I need. . .something with energy!
I listen. . .to anyone from Brad Paisley to Beyonce.
I am scared of. . .falling short of the person I am supposed to become.
I read. . .while I work.
I am . . . truly blessed.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Please watch this...

So Tyler's grandma sent us this e-card and it is the funniest thing ever!!!! It's her, Tyler and I. Seriously, we were crying/laughing when we watched it. So hilarious.
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Sun Valley, Idaho

Tyler had a cross country meet in Sun Valley, Id yesterday. Since I didn't have to work...I went along for the ride. The ride was looooooooong and I now know why I am not a teacher or a coach. No patience!!!! Anywho, I was so glad I went because it was gorgeous up there. I of course, didn't bring our camera but here are a few stolen pics from the internet. On the way up there we passed Clint Eastwood's home on million dollar drive.

The meet was at some private school which costs $25K per year to attend. I obviously will never be living here but it was still pretty. Demi Moore and my boy Ashton Kutcher have a home up there so the whole time I was waiting to bump into him...didn't happen. haha.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


After about a year, I finally figured out how to change my blog background. I'm awesome....NBD!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Well I guess it's time to update our blog!!! It's been a crazy couple of months, but my new goal (as of 5 seconds ago) is to be more on top of this blog. So what's new?!!?!?!?
(I have no new pics so I thought this little stick figure/pregnant lady would do!)
Well as I'm sure most of you know.....we're expecting!!! We are very excited. What I am not excited about is how sick I have been. Everyone told me it would end at 12 weeks, well everyone lied...because I am still puking. The very scent of anything good or bad pushes me over the edge and nothing, and I mean NOTHING sounds good to eat. I really like my doctor up here in Idaho. Totally nice and willing to prescribe me whatever it takes to help the puking. On a good note though...I am still wearing my own clothes.....YEAH BOI!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I am having a boy, but I will take either! We have been throwing around a few names, but have yet to decide on any. We find out the sex in 5 weeks. The suspense is about to make me go craaaaaaazy.

Tyler is loving his new job. He is an awesome teacher and loves coaching. Right now he is in cross country season and will follow that with basketball. I have been dragged to a couple of football games. It's been an experience in it's self. I swear, Tyler is louder than anyone at that stadium, so I just kinda lay low and text while he is making himself known. We went to an intense game on Friday and the whole time he was getting mad at me because I was telling him to pipe down. The most hilarious part was when the home team scored a touch down in the last two minutes and I look around and witness my husband and some old man jumping in the air high fiving each other. Seriously, that happened!

Idaho is different! Some days I love it and some days I would give my left arm to just see the city! If I could change anything, I would bring some good eating places to this town. I have no desire to eat fast food, except for taco bell (which they don't have). The other day, the husband drove me 30 miles to get some Cafe Rio. I Love Him!!!! People are very nice though. They are always willing to help out and we have a great ward. About 85% of our ward is over 80 yrs old...JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT! hahaha.