Friday, October 9, 2009

Sun Valley, Idaho

Tyler had a cross country meet in Sun Valley, Id yesterday. Since I didn't have to work...I went along for the ride. The ride was looooooooong and I now know why I am not a teacher or a coach. No patience!!!! Anywho, I was so glad I went because it was gorgeous up there. I of course, didn't bring our camera but here are a few stolen pics from the internet. On the way up there we passed Clint Eastwood's home on million dollar drive.

The meet was at some private school which costs $25K per year to attend. I obviously will never be living here but it was still pretty. Demi Moore and my boy Ashton Kutcher have a home up there so the whole time I was waiting to bump into him...didn't happen. haha.

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  1. ah now luv....good to hear from ya! Love the page - you're doing good. Almost forgot halloween is coming up when we get home......have forgotten my life.....jk! Loving it here will be a little more SUNNY than yours but all the same....having a great time. Miss you three tons xoxoxo