Saturday, February 28, 2009

And we're back!

Okay, so here's the deal.....I wanted to make our blog private, but didn't realize that it would completely lock everyone out. I'm new at this, don't judge me. So after many emails and texts...we are back to public..... We will only be public long enough to get everyone's email addresses. So, email us if you want to be on the list. Are we hiding from someone?!?!?!? YEP, and you know who you are so happy blog stalking for only a little while longer you little creeper! We miss all our blog peeps and want you to have an insight into our lives, but just don't want the whole world to know So, email us you address and we will update this thing! Happy Blogging!
In updates....well, we haven't been up to much. I took a new job but because I'm nice, kept my other one too. So I work two part time jobs now and am making more than ever....SUCKAS. Haha, jk....but seriously. We love, love, love our new ward. Everyone has been so nice and we have a good bishopric. We spoke last week and we are so glad it's OVER. Tyler is helping some people move in the ward right now and then tonight we are having dinner with some people from the ward.
We have been watching Prison Break on dvd. We watched the whole of season one in a weekend and now we are finishing up season 2. I love, love, love it. I sometimes find myself talking like an ex-con. I live vicariously through these ex-con characters and I'm dang good at it. hahaha, Tyler was over it like two weeks ago, but I am way into it and will be penciling in season 4 when it starts up in April.
Lastly, Tyler and I have been KILLING ourselves at the gym. We run everynight and it feels soooooooooooooooo good. I made him do a spin class with me on Thursday. Tyler was not cool about coming to spin. He said "the only other guys there will be homo's".....but he still came. I hated the instructor, but secretly loved him because he was so hardcore. He was screaming in our faces and with every ounce of sweat I loved him more and more. There were moments when I thought Ty was going to jump off his bike and punch the guy in his face, but he remained calm. haha. He'll probably kill me for going public about him being at a spin class, but whatev! Anyway, life is good :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Do you want to punch this guy in the face?

Because I do! You should read Trudi's introduction to the last post to get some background on our viewing of American Idol. I've watched more episodes of American Idol this week than I have my entire life up until this point. But anyway, the focus of Trudi's hate so far has been Tatiana while mine has been the man (if that's the right word....) pictured above. Supposedly his name is Nathaniel Marshall. I don't really care if it is or isn't. But he's in idiot. I don't want to make the obvious jokes about the personal attributes he possesses that would cause one to call him a flamer.....even though I could. (And have....) But regardless of that, I can't stand the kid. Drama, drama, drama, tears, tears, tears....STOP IT! I'm sick of this kid thinking that he's the only one that cares about winning or continuing on American Idol. There are others guilty of this too but he stands out because he is so dang annoying in the first place. If you want to smack this guy around, comment and tell us everyone so! Same goes for Tatiana, who, by way, is only being kept for ratings. She's a loud mouth spoiled B who gets lots of attention because she will do anything for it....and that is interesting and makes people want to watch. I guess it's because of a morbid curiosity that people have. We love to watch IDIOTS!! Kind of like how we look at the road kill on the side of the road....I know its sick but we do it! ANYWAY......if any of you reading this ever end up on American Idol....take some advice from a smart man (ME!) and don't pretend you're the only one whose dream it is to win the contest.

Sorry about the long rambling post. That's just a sneak peak of how my mind huh!?!?

Do you want to punch this girl in the face????

Because I DO! So Tyler and I have been watching American Idol since the beginning and since the beginning, we have wanted to body slam Tatiana from American Idol. [More Trudi than Tyler but still!] She is the most annoying person you will ever see in your whole life......FREALS! Everytime we watch an episode, I say "this is it, the psycho girl is getting the boot".....but each time I am wrong. So, here we are watching tonight's episode when I get this great idea to text one of my besties in Idaho (they're an hour ahead) and have her tell me that Tatiana got the boot on tonights episode.....NEGATIVE! She's still in and I still wanna punch her in the face. Seriously, they better not drag her out on this season for publicity because I will not last.... Also, her laugh? WTF?

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Today is Tyler's birthday! Happy Birthday!!!!! We had a party last night over at my sister Kim's. Lucas and Mandy brought the karaoke machine and the family favorite RISK. Risk was cool until my greedy brother in law SPAM (Sam) decided to form an alliance with everyone and come after Tyler and I......It was an almost victory, but Sam's greed overpowered our win. Anywho, we had tacos, beandip, and Kim's zesty chips and salsa. It was a good night and my man tore down the house with his own rendition of Cowboy Take Me Away.....He has a thing for the Chixie Dicks, ain't no shame :) I gave Tyler his gifts yesterday because we were sick of waiting for Sunday to roll around. I got him a pair of K swiss, DC's, jeans, a shirt and Neil A Maxwells book. We went to a buffet on Friday night and I even let him pick a movie to rent. We got The Express, a football surprises there. It was actually good.
Mainly I just want to give him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY shoutout and tell him I love him. We'll been married for a month on Monday and it's been awesome. I have a membership at LVAC and Tyler just joined, so we've been running and working out. We also go running at Liberty High sometimes. It's so great to have a running partner, and a cute one too :) Hope you have a good birthday mister....xoxo