Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Do you want to punch this guy in the face?

Because I do! You should read Trudi's introduction to the last post to get some background on our viewing of American Idol. I've watched more episodes of American Idol this week than I have my entire life up until this point. But anyway, the focus of Trudi's hate so far has been Tatiana while mine has been the man (if that's the right word....) pictured above. Supposedly his name is Nathaniel Marshall. I don't really care if it is or isn't. But he's in idiot. I don't want to make the obvious jokes about the personal attributes he possesses that would cause one to call him a flamer.....even though I could. (And have....) But regardless of that, I can't stand the kid. Drama, drama, drama, tears, tears, tears....STOP IT! I'm sick of this kid thinking that he's the only one that cares about winning or continuing on American Idol. There are others guilty of this too but he stands out because he is so dang annoying in the first place. If you want to smack this guy around, comment and tell us everyone so! Same goes for Tatiana, who, by way, is only being kept for ratings. She's a loud mouth spoiled B who gets lots of attention because she will do anything for it....and that is interesting and makes people want to watch. I guess it's because of a morbid curiosity that people have. We love to watch IDIOTS!! Kind of like how we look at the road kill on the side of the road....I know its sick but we do it! ANYWAY......if any of you reading this ever end up on American Idol....take some advice from a smart man (ME!) and don't pretend you're the only one whose dream it is to win the contest.

Sorry about the long rambling post. That's just a sneak peak of how my mind huh!?!?

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