Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Do you want to punch this girl in the face????

Because I DO! So Tyler and I have been watching American Idol since the beginning and since the beginning, we have wanted to body slam Tatiana from American Idol. [More Trudi than Tyler but still!] She is the most annoying person you will ever see in your whole life......FREALS! Everytime we watch an episode, I say "this is it, the psycho girl is getting the boot".....but each time I am wrong. So, here we are watching tonight's episode when I get this great idea to text one of my besties in Idaho (they're an hour ahead) and have her tell me that Tatiana got the boot on tonights episode.....NEGATIVE! She's still in and I still wanna punch her in the face. Seriously, they better not drag her out on this season for publicity because I will not last.... Also, her laugh? WTF?


  1. haha remember how i didn't know if you really wanted me to tell you. SHE DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!!! kick her off already. i said the same things to my roommmates "if they keep her on just for publicity i'll be ticked" seriously get her off. whats with all her weirdy facial expressions and hand movements. she bugs.

  2. I totally agree! I seriously hate her laugh and the drama she brings to the show! It is SOOOO annoying. I also hate that the wierdo Tyler blogged about is stile in and the black guy with the amazing voice (best friends with the widow dude) got kicked off! I couldn't believe it!!! I has a WAY better voice!!

  3. ehhhhaaahaaahaaaaa..............can you hear her laugh?