Friday, July 30, 2010

Spineless Little Fraction of a Man & a Quick Update.

*This would be one of my favorite parts of the movie Far & Away. Today, I used it in real life. I have mentioned before how I don't like to get involved in politics. Yesterday began with me making a comment on a friends facebook regarding the President being on the view. This friend happens to be from Ireland, but has lived in Utah for years. Her wall quickly became full with people's opinions. Most were from Irish people stating their opposite opinion from hers and mine. I know, right? Anywho, it was a fairly healthy discussion until this guy who you may remember from here: told me "enough". I seriously cannot even explain how much I wanted to go trans atlantic and body slam him :) Seriously, you're not my dad, my husband, or really anyone of importance so mind your own. It took everything in me to not respond with 6 little words: Spineless Little Fraction of a Man. You can bet, I did write something witty back and it felt SO GOOD.

*We only have 1 month left (as of today), until school gets back in. Tyler is excited because he has been working construction in the heat, so it's actually like going back to his real job will be like having a break. Gotta love my man for bringing home da bacon ;)

*My mam is coming to visit for a week in August. I.cannot.wait. It will be so fun. She's excited, we're excited. YAY.

*Noah is still loving his solids. The only downside of it is his poop. But, who wants to read about poop? I will refrain :)

*We got new phones about 3 weeks ago. We finally bit the bullet, signed a 2 yr contract and upgraded our phones. Wouldn't you know that mine quit working the next day and after I went all the way back into Twin and got another new one, that stopped working too. So now, I am on my third phone within three weeks and I think we have a winner. Thank you Devine curse.

*Noah is in this new phase where he wakes up to play in the middle of the night. He loves to put the blanket over his face, which scares me to death. So, I am usually awakened by him squeeling, and kicking with the blanket covering his face. It would maybe be cute if it was at about noon, instead of 1:30am. AWESOME.

*This may be a little TMI, but I am going to go there. It is so hot in our ward building. I seriously sweat, like drips, from the minute we get to church until I get into the car. It is sooooooooo uncomfortable. Our Sunday school is held in the same room as relief society. A couple of Sundays ago, Tyler met me in there. It had been so hot all throughout relief society, so I was basically sitting in a pool of sweat. I was so irritated. All of a sudden, this old lady behind us (with a cardigan on) leans over and says to her husband, "it is so cold in here." I almost came off my chair. I think I am being taught patience, BUT come on!!! I basically pray for rain every Saturday night.

*Speaking of rain, we have had quite a few thunder storms the last 4 days. They are pretty wild here and I actually like them. I will take them any day over snow or heat @ church.

*Lately I have felt like I am losing my mind. I lose EVERYTHING. I seriously can't remember anything and I am tired all the time. Some ridiculous moments have consisted of me putting bags of rice in the fridge, losing my car keys, misplacing my phone when it's in my hand, and even missing our due date on a bill which I always pay early. It's annoying and I feel like a space cadet.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

4 months old.

Noah (aka Cheeks McGee) 4 months old

Noah had his 4 month check up/shots today. Have I mentioned that I love his dr? Well, I do. He's so nice and so cute with Noah. He spends a lot of the appointment just playing with him. haha. His stats as of today are:

Weight-14 lbs 6 oz
Height-26 inches
He has started eating rice cereal and solids now and loves them. He will eat anything, carrots, peas, even prunes. YUCK. His favorite by far are bananas and carrots. He will grab the spoon from me and throw it everywhere....just with excitement :) He sleeps about 9 hours a night, so I can't complain really. Every once in a while, he'll wake up at about 3am and feed and then go right back to sleep. He is laughing now which is hilarious because sometimes after he giggles, he will throw back his head and snort. I dunno where he got that from. hahaha. The Dr. thinks that the blue eyes are for sure here to stay, and the new hair coming in looks blondish too. Noah loves being outside. Whenever he is having a grouchy moment, we just go outside and all is well.
He is growing so much everyday. It's so bittersweet. I want him to stay like a baby forever, but I don't think that is possible.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ladies Man!

We went into Twin today for two reasons:

1. Grocery Shopping
2. It's so friggin hot here and no one believes in AC.

Anywho, grocery shopping turned into other kinds of shopping and we came across this hat..... I know,

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This is how our conversation went last night as we were going to sleep.

Trudi: I think its time to put Noah into his crib in his own room.
Tyler: Yeah, seriously.
Trudi: I'm just nervous.
Tyler: I don't know why. The monitor works and he's almost outgrown the bassinet anyway. And, also our room is way to small to bring the crib in here so don't even think about it.....

Hahaha. Tyler always jokes that I will never be ready to cut the cord and put Noah into his own room. He says if it were up to me, Noah would still be sleeping in our room at the age of 16.....Partially true.

So, today I decided that maybe I will start off with some baby steps....Perhaps an afternoon nap in le crib. I felt like Noah knew that I was up to something and was basically judging me with his eyes. Not really, but kinda.

The little man was intrigued by the OU mobile...but once the fight song ended, the crying began... I may have taken him out and rocked him to sleep in the glider. Don't judge me, I put him back in the crib after he fell asleep. I know I'm creating a monster :) I remember babysitting when I was younger and being so mad when the mom would say before she left, "now, little tommy needs to be rocked to sleep and sang to at 7". However, these days I gotta do what I gotta do.

A couple of minutes later....and this is what I saw. Now granted, I got him to sleep in the glider beforehand, but still :) The big question now is, will I be able to do this at night? Um.....I can't promise anything. The first night home from the hospital, we put Noah in the bassinet at the foot of our bed. That night I slept (but didn't really sleep) upside down on our bed with my hand on his heart. So...basically, it may not be happening anytime soon!!!

Now, let's talk about teething shall we? I think Noah may be. His hands are always in his mouth.
I have bought the teething rings, but he is not interested really. I've felt the gums and checked them too, and don't really see or feel much so who knows? Noah will be 4 months old on Sunday? Shocking, I know. I have to set up his 4 month appt with the dr. and I'm sure he'll give me the go ahead on rice cereal etc... My baby is growing up too fast. It's really bitter sweet. I am loving all the new things that he does every day though. My favorite has got to be the squeeling that I hear when he looks at himself in the mirror :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Trip Home

Let's see where to begin.... First of all, I am only now finding the time/energy to blog. I am so tired from the trip, we need another vacation :) Tyler dropped Noah and I off to the airport on the 28th. In case you are wondering, the airport in Twin resembles a potato cellar. Scary business. I have learned that traveling with out the husband is very, very hard. The only way I made it was to have Noah in the baby bjiorn, and all our luggage piled in the stroller with the carseat too. There were many times when I thought I would have a freak out, but mainly I just did what I had to do to make it through. Like, feeding Noah on the plane....I would have thought that I would never feed in public, but you gotta do what you gotta do. haha. Our plane touched down at 10:30 pm and the temperature was 103 degrees. This is when I realized that I was going to die. haha. We had a blast though. Thank goodness for air conditioning and swimming pools. We spent time with Kim and Mandy's families and then my mam came and picked us up and took us to Alamo. Tyler got there the next morning at about 2am. It was sooooooooo good to finally be together. The next morning we were told that Malcolm backed into our car in the driveway. Never a dull moment, seriously. BUT, this is why we all have insurance so no biggie right? We spent Friday lounging in my mam's pool and just hung out with our friend, the air conditioner. Noah was pretty good, but refused to make eye contact with anyone other than Tyler and I. I believe he rolled his eyes at my mam a few times. hahaha. The next morning, Bev, Lewis, Mandy, Lucas and the kids were all able to join us in Alamo for the festivities. It was such a good day. No drama, great company and seriously such great food. (I need to run double to get it all off ;) We went to church on Sunday, but kinda wondered why because we spent most of it outside consoling Noah. I think I ate something he didn't like cuz he was not a happy camper. After church, we gave him a bath and he took a 5 hour nap. It was nice. We headed back home on Monday morning. We decided to take the I-15 back and stopped at IKEA. This was all part of my plan....and, IT WORKED ;) I love IKEA and could spend about 2 days in there. We got home that evening and reality set in the next morning when we slept through our alarms and Tyler had 8 mins to get up and be at work. Good times! One more thing, Noah decided to go bald while we were out of town. It's so sad!!! He's still cute, but he now has almost no hair on top and a mullet in the back.....

Here we are on the 4th! I think Noah is teething...eeek. Also, this picture makes me understand why my brother in law calls my Cheyanne. haha.

All dressed up for the parade :)

Chunky Baby :)

Taking a bath at Nana's....BALD!

Making the trip to Alamo. He did so good. Slept the whole way!!!