Friday, July 30, 2010

Spineless Little Fraction of a Man & a Quick Update.

*This would be one of my favorite parts of the movie Far & Away. Today, I used it in real life. I have mentioned before how I don't like to get involved in politics. Yesterday began with me making a comment on a friends facebook regarding the President being on the view. This friend happens to be from Ireland, but has lived in Utah for years. Her wall quickly became full with people's opinions. Most were from Irish people stating their opposite opinion from hers and mine. I know, right? Anywho, it was a fairly healthy discussion until this guy who you may remember from here: told me "enough". I seriously cannot even explain how much I wanted to go trans atlantic and body slam him :) Seriously, you're not my dad, my husband, or really anyone of importance so mind your own. It took everything in me to not respond with 6 little words: Spineless Little Fraction of a Man. You can bet, I did write something witty back and it felt SO GOOD.

*We only have 1 month left (as of today), until school gets back in. Tyler is excited because he has been working construction in the heat, so it's actually like going back to his real job will be like having a break. Gotta love my man for bringing home da bacon ;)

*My mam is coming to visit for a week in August. I.cannot.wait. It will be so fun. She's excited, we're excited. YAY.

*Noah is still loving his solids. The only downside of it is his poop. But, who wants to read about poop? I will refrain :)

*We got new phones about 3 weeks ago. We finally bit the bullet, signed a 2 yr contract and upgraded our phones. Wouldn't you know that mine quit working the next day and after I went all the way back into Twin and got another new one, that stopped working too. So now, I am on my third phone within three weeks and I think we have a winner. Thank you Devine curse.

*Noah is in this new phase where he wakes up to play in the middle of the night. He loves to put the blanket over his face, which scares me to death. So, I am usually awakened by him squeeling, and kicking with the blanket covering his face. It would maybe be cute if it was at about noon, instead of 1:30am. AWESOME.

*This may be a little TMI, but I am going to go there. It is so hot in our ward building. I seriously sweat, like drips, from the minute we get to church until I get into the car. It is sooooooooo uncomfortable. Our Sunday school is held in the same room as relief society. A couple of Sundays ago, Tyler met me in there. It had been so hot all throughout relief society, so I was basically sitting in a pool of sweat. I was so irritated. All of a sudden, this old lady behind us (with a cardigan on) leans over and says to her husband, "it is so cold in here." I almost came off my chair. I think I am being taught patience, BUT come on!!! I basically pray for rain every Saturday night.

*Speaking of rain, we have had quite a few thunder storms the last 4 days. They are pretty wild here and I actually like them. I will take them any day over snow or heat @ church.

*Lately I have felt like I am losing my mind. I lose EVERYTHING. I seriously can't remember anything and I am tired all the time. Some ridiculous moments have consisted of me putting bags of rice in the fridge, losing my car keys, misplacing my phone when it's in my hand, and even missing our due date on a bill which I always pay early. It's annoying and I feel like a space cadet.


  1. Did no one tell you that after you have a baby your brain slowly turns to mush and you don't remember anything? They leave that out of the books I guess. I've had 3 kids so my brain is basically non-existent now.

  2. I started laughing before I even opened your blog bc of the title! lol..... I know who you're talking about....."lady is read is doncing with me...." haha! anyway love the update - you're hilarious and i miss you! will talk to you lots from the shoreline xox

  3. Oh Trudi that irish temper of yours.. but we all feel the same give em heck! Noah is growing up so cute miss ya.