Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This is how our conversation went last night as we were going to sleep.

Trudi: I think its time to put Noah into his crib in his own room.
Tyler: Yeah, seriously.
Trudi: I'm just nervous.
Tyler: I don't know why. The monitor works and he's almost outgrown the bassinet anyway. And, also our room is way to small to bring the crib in here so don't even think about it.....

Hahaha. Tyler always jokes that I will never be ready to cut the cord and put Noah into his own room. He says if it were up to me, Noah would still be sleeping in our room at the age of 16.....Partially true.

So, today I decided that maybe I will start off with some baby steps....Perhaps an afternoon nap in le crib. I felt like Noah knew that I was up to something and was basically judging me with his eyes. Not really, but kinda.

The little man was intrigued by the OU mobile...but once the fight song ended, the crying began... I may have taken him out and rocked him to sleep in the glider. Don't judge me, I put him back in the crib after he fell asleep. I know I'm creating a monster :) I remember babysitting when I was younger and being so mad when the mom would say before she left, "now, little tommy needs to be rocked to sleep and sang to at 7". However, these days I gotta do what I gotta do.

A couple of minutes later....and this is what I saw. Now granted, I got him to sleep in the glider beforehand, but still :) The big question now is, will I be able to do this at night? Um.....I can't promise anything. The first night home from the hospital, we put Noah in the bassinet at the foot of our bed. That night I slept (but didn't really sleep) upside down on our bed with my hand on his heart. So...basically, it may not be happening anytime soon!!!

Now, let's talk about teething shall we? I think Noah may be. His hands are always in his mouth.
I have bought the teething rings, but he is not interested really. I've felt the gums and checked them too, and don't really see or feel much so who knows? Noah will be 4 months old on Sunday? Shocking, I know. I have to set up his 4 month appt with the dr. and I'm sure he'll give me the go ahead on rice cereal etc... My baby is growing up too fast. It's really bitter sweet. I am loving all the new things that he does every day though. My favorite has got to be the squeeling that I hear when he looks at himself in the mirror :)


  1. Ah Trudi, you are such a sweet mama. You just love that boy so much. So...Megan shared a room with us until she was almost a year old...no joke. Then again, we did only have a one bedroom house, so I'm justified a little. I would recommend getting a video monitor. One of my most favorite things ever. When you do move him to his room, you can see him anytime you want, and even watch his little chest rise and fall. Ours broke in our recent move, but you can bet I will be getting another one for babe3. I would still use it on Megan (she's FOUR!) if it hadn't broken. And I still go in and check on her throughout the night to make sure all is well...yes...I am a tad paranoid. Also, I rocked her to sleep for naps and bedtime until she was almost 14 months!!! So no judgement here. I was just too soft to have her cry it out, but once I did I was like: why did I not do this sooner?! I think four months is still a little long to let him cry it out, but obviously, what do I know? To each his own. And P.S. You can't spoil a baby. He needs all the love you've got!! And you've got a lot of lovin'.

  2. I meant "I think four months is a little YOUNG to let him cry it out" NOT "four months is a little LONG to let him cry it out". :)

  3. Ha, he is so cute. You're too funny with your separation anxiety, just shows what a good mommy you are.

  4. I say at this age you can't go wrong with babying your baby :D

  5. Ah, letting go, it's never easy. He'll get used to his crib soon enough. It's not a bad idea to rock him to sleep first. I'm not one to do that, I just throw them in bed, give kisses, turn out the light and they go to sleep. You have to find what works for you. I swear Niamh was teething from 2 months on. She didn't cut her first tooth till 6 months, so don't worry too much. I love when babies start making little sounds and squeeling, so sweet. I miss my little nuggett. Give him kisses from his favorite auntie :)

  6. he's sooo cute! don't worry, i had a ROUGH time giving Ava up to her own room... i loved listening to her sleep. And don't worry about rocking him to sleep before you put him in bed... in fact, if you can get away with him not even waking up when you do the dreaded "TRANSFER".. that's amazing!!!!

  7. I love your updates Trudi, they keep all of us who are too far away to hug that sweet baby happy for the time being. I seriously cannot wait to meet him, I can't believe he is already almost 4 months old. I wish you the best of luck moving Noah to his crib. It was very easy for us, but we have always had an easy baby. Give Noah a big hug for us!

  8. He will learn to love his crib and you will too. Ella has had her hands in her mouth a lot also and she drools like crazy. Who knows when the teeth will come, they are all so different. Let's just hope it is an easy process for the both of them. :D My Riley ran high fevers and always had to cuddle (not fun times for either of us, he was miserable). For the food, it's kind of been fun. I just started Ella on cereal and let's just say she loves to eat. It's amazing how fast they learn what food is, grabbing at the food or cup when I have something in my hand and am holding her. She has liked the cereal and juice and now juice in the cereal instead of milk and yesterday, apple sauce. Next will be pears. lol It's another fun stepping stone and watching them learn how to figure it all out. ENJOY!

  9. He is so flippin' cute! He will do fine in the crib and trust me after the first couple of nights - you will love that he is in there too.

  10. this little tommy still needs to be rocked to sleep everynight......

  11. Eh first off Thome, eek, LOL. Ah, little Noah is growing up so fast. You are such a great Mam and he knows it. I love your little updates about him. I miss him :( come visit will ya? okay. also keep the pics of the lil guy coming too! Loves