Monday, September 24, 2012

Noah lately...

Everyone has been asking how Noah has adjusted to his baby sister so I thought I would update!

At first Noah showed no reaction at all. He just ignored Layla. In a way I was glad because it meant he wasn't beating her so that was good. Haha

Over the last few weeks though, Noah has been extremely cute with her. He calls her by her name and is always concerned if she's fussing. He loves to give her kisses and check in on her when she's napping. It's pretty cute!!!

Noah is getting so big. I can't even believe he was Layla's size just a couple of years ago. He is so funny lately. He has been calling Tyler and I by our first names. It's not something that we want him to do for life, but it's so cute. He also says "seriously?!?" with a little attitude when he's in trouble. Which actually seems to be quite often lately. Let's just say he spends a lot of time in the corner ;) we still love him though ;)

The other day Noah was in trouble and he spent some time in the corner. When I told him he could come out of the corner, he marched into his room and came out with a hat on (from when he was a baby) and his backpack (see picture below) and said "bye Trudi" and started out the front door. I'm pretty sure he was running away. Haha.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Layla Blake Matlock

Layla arrived on August 7th at 2:24pm.  She weighed in at 8lbs 5 oz and was 22.5 inches long!  I had such a great experience this time around.  Everything went just how I wanted it to throughout my entire pregnancy clear up to when I delivered her.  I decided to go to Twin Falls this time, and it was like night and day compared to the last time. We were lucky enough to have a doctor that we really liked and felt super lucky to have him deliver Layla.

I was scheduled to be induced on August 7th at 6am in Twin Falls.  We live about an hour away from Twin, so we were up at about 4:15 that morning to get ready and to get on the road.  It felt so surreal that morning making the trip to the hospital.  Everything went as planned and there were no hiccups. I kept thinking that everything was going way too smooth and that we would be sent home or something.

I got hooked up to everything around 7am and things started moving.  They told me I was having contractions but I couldn't feel anything so I thought that this was going to be pain free...wishful thinking :)  Unlike last time, they had told me to eat something that morning, so I wasn't dry heaving with starvation this time, but as time went on, I was pretty hungry and getting irritable by the second (Sorry Tyler).  I wanted to hold off for a bit on the epidural, because last time I felt like I got it way too early.  I was starting to feel the contractions, but they still weren't too horrible.  I ended up waiting way too long and all of a sudden the contractions hit me like a ton of bricks and I, no joke, thought I was going to die. My nurse was so nice.  Seriously!  But would not quit talking and rubbing Tyler's back.....uh what??  Haha, I was losing patience quickly :)  The anesthesiologist came in and tried to give me an epidural when I was at a 7, but unfortunately hit a blood vessel so he had to start over and redo it.  Again, thought I was going to die.  All the while, Tyler and him were shooting the breeze about football.....seriously?!?!?!?  After a bit, I started feeling pretty good, and forgot about the pain.  Just when I thought life was great, I started feeling major pressure and told Tyler that I needed to push.  The nurse came in, checked me and said that she thought I was at a 10!  I couldn't believe it, because I was just at a 7.  The charge nurse came in and checked me and said that I was at a 7 and crushed my hopes right then (I kinda didn't like her at that moment), but I still felt like I needed to push NOW so my nurse called Dr. Coleman and had him check me.  He confirmed that I was indeed at a 10 and could start pushing.  I KNEW IT!!!

 My doctor had mentioned that the baby was facing up instead of facing down and said that he was going to try to turn her.  That didn't really work though so we just started pushing anyway.  As I was pushing, the nurse had her hand on my stomach and mentioned that she could feel the baby's feet up by my ribs.  In my exhausted, annoyed stupor I was wondering how she could still feel Layla's feet up by my ribs...(I later figured it out when they said she was 22 and 1/2 inches long).  I pushed for what seemed like an eternity and honestly thought my brain was going to explode.  I snapped at my sweet hubs a few times (poor guy), but we got through it.  After pushing for almost 2 hours, Dr. Coleman finally said "I think one more push will do it!"  YEEHAW! I pushed once more and out she came.  She cried and they put her on my chest. She was so gorgeous!

Layla is perfect!  She is so similar to Noah, but so different.  She came out with dark black hair and I think she might even keep it.  I have felt so great after having the baby!  Honestly, if I could guarantee an experience like this each time, then I would have 8 kids (don't hold me to it).  I'm so grateful that everything went according to plan and I honestly couldn't have asked for a better experience.  SO BLESSED :)