Monday, September 24, 2012

Noah lately...

Everyone has been asking how Noah has adjusted to his baby sister so I thought I would update!

At first Noah showed no reaction at all. He just ignored Layla. In a way I was glad because it meant he wasn't beating her so that was good. Haha

Over the last few weeks though, Noah has been extremely cute with her. He calls her by her name and is always concerned if she's fussing. He loves to give her kisses and check in on her when she's napping. It's pretty cute!!!

Noah is getting so big. I can't even believe he was Layla's size just a couple of years ago. He is so funny lately. He has been calling Tyler and I by our first names. It's not something that we want him to do for life, but it's so cute. He also says "seriously?!?" with a little attitude when he's in trouble. Which actually seems to be quite often lately. Let's just say he spends a lot of time in the corner ;) we still love him though ;)

The other day Noah was in trouble and he spent some time in the corner. When I told him he could come out of the corner, he marched into his room and came out with a hat on (from when he was a baby) and his backpack (see picture below) and said "bye Trudi" and started out the front door. I'm pretty sure he was running away. Haha.

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