Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm a Blog Stalker

So, I'm what you might call a blog stalker...ain't no shame. While "stalking" I found this blog. This lady creates little scenes around her baby while she sleeps. Seriously, so cute!


  1. this is the dumbest thing i have ever seen. doesnt she have something better to be doing like cleaning the house or making dinner or rotating her tires or something....

  2. Thome- you are just jealous that nobody did that for you when you were a baby.
    I have seen this blog, and some of the other scenes she does are way cute. Blog stalking is where it's at, we all do it so it's okay. :)

  3. We could say the same for you my dear friend Thome... :)

  4. are you kidding, that's the CUTEST thing i've ever seen!!!!!! your friend has no clue... none at all :)!
    adorable.... and i just added it to my blog roll. just what i need... another person to stalk!