Monday, February 1, 2010


Ok, so I made the executive man decision to commandeer the blog since Trudi has commandeered the couch. She's not feeling well. Anyway, I was strolling around the interwebs earlier this evening when I stumbled on what at first appeared to be my journal until I remembered that I don't keep a journal and that I didn't post it on a manly pregnancy informational website. The site mentions some of the emotional things that women go through during pregnancy including "nesting". "Nesting" is when expectant mothers feel an insatiable need to prepare the nest or home for the baby's arrival. This is the "hypothetical" conversation that the site has:

Her: "Did you wash your hands before you started cooking?"
Him: "Yes."
Her: "With soap?"
Him: "Yes."
Her: "Which soap?"
Him: "The soap that is on the sink."
Her: "Which soap that is on the sink, the one that smells good, or the one with bleach?"
Him: "The one that smells good."
Her: "Don't you know I'm pregnant(?)! Your baby is inside me. Do you want the baby to get germs from me eating the food you touch with your dirty hands! Wash your hands with the soap that has bleach!"

That is a glimpse into my life right now! This actual conversation hasn't happened yet but I'm sure it will and we've had many conversations that follow these lines. Like the habit I broke of eating so much at dinner I'm told that I'm too skinny and need to eat more. WHAT!? For those of you who know me, you know I eat alot. I'm used to being told to eat less. Now I'm being told to eat more? WTF, mate?

I rag on Truddi alot (I know there's not two D's in Trudi, that's because I'm spelling it how I say it these days, it rhymes will silly putty) but she's a trooper! We did Sealings at the Temple in Twin Falls saturday and the sealer said they worry about having pregnant women doing sealings because of kneeling and stuff but I told him she was as tough as they come. She had no problems and we were able to get alot of work done! She's amazing and awesome and while pregnant she still manages to cook for me most every night, she still manages to get to most of my basketball games, she still subs almost everyday with crazy kids, she has gone home teaching with me the past two weeks, she also lets me watch sportscenter sometimes too! Life is good, way good!

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  1. What a good guy you are! Tell Trud to hang in there - she is almost done!