Saturday, August 1, 2009

Moving and we hate dumb people!

Hi....two months later. lol. So, we are moving to Idaho. Tyler got a job teaching high school history and PE. We got a good feeling about it and then they called him and offered him the Head Coaching position for the Varisty Boys and he will also be coaching cross-country and track. We are so excited for this opportunity and I am gearing up to pretend to be a sports fanatic now. YEEEHAW! haha. On to the dumb people....we found a house we liked and signed a lease about a month ago to move in August 15th. The owner calls me yesterday morning and says "bad news hun, we sold the closes on August 13th". I swear if I hadn't been in a meeting when she called I would have had a major breakdown with her on the phone. I later heard Tyler screaming at her outside my office. She's an idiot. To be honest, it is probably a blessing in disguise....but she is still shady. So moving on, we still packed up everything yesterday and threw it on a trailer and moved out of our house. We are staying at my sister Kim's for two weeks as they are in Florida. We are looking hard for a new house, but as you can's hard when you are not there to see it. My mam did offer us a pop-up camping trailer...hahaha, maybe we could shower at the high school gym. Speaking of my mam, she is AWESOME. She came to help us pack up yesterday and scrubbed the whole place. Tyler's exact words were "Where does she get all the energy?, look at her." She's pretty amazing :) I am so so so so so sad about quitting my job. I love it and all the people I work for. It has been such a blessing and I am already planning a teary eyed break down on my last day. In other exciting news: We got to go to the Phantom of the Opera with my sister Mandy and some of her family. It was very last minute, but we LOVED it. Would I go see it again???? TOTALLY.

This was taken before the show.

This is us with our favorite baby.....Niamh. She is so cute, we love her.


  1. What part of Idaho are you moving to? Sorry you have to deal with stupid people - they are EVERYWHERE! Good luck up there.

  2. I did want to know what part of Idaho as well ;) I'm sorry that the house feel through..... are you looking to buy? The market is a "buyers market" :) It's awesome you can move on to this new phase! One more year and we'll be able to say good bye to the whole 'life by semesters gig' ;) Have fun!