Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Goose Creek Reservoir

We decided to have a picnic on Memorial Day. I checked the weather and it said mostly sunny. So that morning, we woke our shorts on, packed a picnic and headed out. We decided to go to Goose Creek Reservoir because we had never been and had heard it was pretty. The drive was incredible. Seriously driving up a road only big enough for one car at a time, surrounded by nothing but HUGE drop offs. My head was between my legs for most of the drive. I don't do well with heights :) Anywho, wouldn't you know that as we were driving there, the heavens opened and the rain came pouring down. So, we basically parked and ate our picnic in the car and then came home. It was still nice to spend time together :) Here's some pictures. I would like to go back when the weather is nicer, but this shows how high up we were. haha.

I love how there's snow on the mountain in JUNE!!!!!!

Refusing the get out of the car. haha.


  1. Ha lol. Like heading up the switch backs at Kolob!

  2. Family picnic in the car, that's awesome :) I bet Noah enjoyed it!!

  3. That's typical. The Devine curse strikes again. Ah well, glad you made the most of it. It looks like a beautiful place, rain or shine.