Monday, October 11, 2010

Viva Las Vegas

Noah and I fly to Vegas on Thurs to watch these little monsters for 10 days!

We are going to miss this guy:

(Side Note: I slipped with the clippers while cutting his hair this weekend, so now he has this buzz. Ooopsie. Doesn't he look like a sexy convict?)

We are getting excited for this time of year. It's like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas....and, Boom...2011. Crazy. Here is Noah getting into the halloween spirit:

(Glow in the dark PJ's....who comes up with this stuff??? SO CUTE)

I cut my hair! I have gone back and forth on this for soooooo long. I didn't want to have the "mom" haircut after I had Noah, so I thought I would leave it. However, I was in desperate need of a cut. I kept going back and forth because I didn't know what I wanted. Over the weekend, my hot husband set up a secret appointment and told me I had 5 minutes to make up my mind. Seriously, as soon as she was done cutting it, I had an instant relief of headache. 6 inches shorter and my hair feels sooooo light. Here's a pic:

The best part of this was on the drive home, Tyler asked me to grab something from the glove box. I opened it up and there was this little bag waiting for me:

....along with a pair of earrings to go with my new do!


p.s. I know my pictures suck, but I CANNOT find the cord to our camera and it's DEAD! So, my phone will have to do for now.


  1. Well for cute, love the hair, and the child and well Tyler does totally look like a convict and not prison break either so nice try ;) I bet you are stoked for Vegas, wish I got to see you. Loves

  2. i love your hair!! you look so gorgeous! and Tyler's hair looks great too (i'm a dome lover gal myself... ahem, Taylor's baldyness!)

    yay for a trip to Vegas and you kid is so stinking cute!