Sunday, May 8, 2011

What's Going On?

I have been fighting a cold since last week. BOO! Tyler was sick the week before and if you're a wife then you know that having a sick husband is like having 10 sick kids at one time...SERIOUSLY! I still love you Tyler :) It's been hard taking care of Noah with the cold, but the show must go on and I'm just really glad he didn't pick it up...fingers crossed!

I had such a great Mothers Day today! Tyler got a sitter last night and took me to dinner. It was so fun and really nice to just spend some time together. Our weekdays are so crazy and sometimes we don't get a lot of time together because Tyler is gone, or has a meeting or something, and when he's home he's usually doing homework so I am in our room watching reality tv in bed alone. Anyway, when we get time together, we definitely cherish it :) My boys got me new running shoes for Mothers Day! I love them. The highlight of my day was definitely when Noah walked across the living room with a Mothers Day card in his hand and brought it to me. I love that little guy so much and I'm so grateful that I get to be his mom! He's the cutest thing in the world...a lot of work sometimes, but still the best :) I look forward to the years to come and already have accepted that I have a little character on my hands!!!

I took this pic today on the way out the door to church. Aren't my boys so handsome?

We are still watching Idol. My boy James is going strong...Stupid Scotty is still on there. So annoying. I don't even care if James doesn't win, because I guarantee you he's already made it. At the same time though, I will FREAK OUT if Scotty wins. GO HOME! We also watch The Voice now. It's pretty good and there is definitely a lot of talent going on. At first, I had a crush on Blake Shelton but he is so cocky and rude, so now I'm starting to have feelings for Cee Lo Green. SIKE! But, he does seem to have a heart at least ;)

I made these chimmicangas last Sunday and they were seriously so BOMB! Picture yourself in Bajio, ordering from their menu, and that's exactly what these bad boys tasted like. Thank you Minders for the recipe ;)

Every night Tyler and I go tuck Noah in before we head off to bed. I could honestly watch him sleep for hours. Such a little angel...he looks like he's making a snow angel here...haha.

This is what happens when you ask your husband to feed your child dinner...I'll just leave it at that...with these pictures...and then I'll let you think what you want....

And Finally:
  • There are only 15 days (weekdays) til school get's out...CRAZY!
  • 23 days til we take off for Ireland.....NERVOUS!
  • 27 days until our newest niece Isla Maeve arrives, give or take....EXCITED!
  • 8 days until my birthday...GETTING OLD!


  1. ok your comment on my "my life sucks" blog seriously made me lol....and nearly pee! I love Noahs pix, he is so cute and I love the spike hair. Very trendy! Ok but seriously, I had a thing for CEE-LO until I noticed his TINY hands, I actually looked up online if he was a "little person" hahah......FORGET YOU!!!!
    Miss and love you, happy mommys day.

  2. Hope you're feeling better. No sick days for moms. That is so sweet that Noah walked to you with a mom's day card. Priceless. I love his first messy face pic, he looks like a right Irish gurrier. You have so many fun things to look forward to, especially the birth of me 4th :)

  3. your going to ireland so fun !!! and Mandy is haveing another good for her it must be your turn next.. Noah is to cute to be the only one