Thursday, August 25, 2011


But Barely.... I am at the tail end of strep throat which has kicked my butt. I honestly thought I was dying. Couldn't get out of bed, fainting, nauseous, couldn't eat, drink....yep, it was that bad! I finally caved after I started getting the cold sweats and went to the doctor. I hate doctors! But, I like this one. Anyway, I had a temp of 103 in the office and when he walked in I was hugging the trash can, so he checked me out pretty quickly, wrote some prescriptions, and sent me on my way! Today is day 5, and I am finally out of bed, showered and feeling about 85%. Life is good! I will finish my antibiotics this time (maybe lay off the vicodin though ;)) because I never do and know that I always should!!! Also, its still summer outside!!! For some reason, I thought it was winter. Maybe because I was locked up in bed with the chills?!?!?!? I dunno...

I have so much to catch everyone up on! Our trip to Ireland, The Devine Family Reunion, Baby Blessings, Weddings, Road trips, etc. We have been traveling fools this summer and fortunately for my sanity, the rest of this year is pretty much jam packed. My mam is coming up for a week in Sep, Tyler's cute grandma and Joe are coming in Oct, Thanksgiving in Nov, Christmas in Dec and a wedding in AZ in December also! Hopefully we can stay sane through it all!

Tyler is officially back to school! School doesn't start til Monday, but the meetings for teachers began on Weds. He is excited for another year and still loves his job :) Noah is still spoiled and basically runs the show here at the casa. He weighs 28 lbs and all he wants to do is eat and watch backyardigans. It's a rough life for the little monster, but we love him lots and lots. Honestly, the hardest part of being sick was not being able to hang out and play with my little man. Sweetest part of being sick was when Noah walked over to me when I was laying down and gave me a kiss. So tender ;) As for me, well I am just trucking along. Nothing new really. Oh, except my sister Mandy and I officially began the legendary PACT on August 12th. No more yummy desserts or sweets for us! I kicked the pact off December of 2003 and stuck with it for 4.5 yrs...( i know, psycho) so I know I can do it! And, I know Mandy can too!!!! I have also started the crazy running regiment again. KILL ME NOW! I was kicking butt until I got sick, but now that I am on the mend, I will be jumping back on the treadmill any day now! I will be back to my old time. I WILL!!!!! Anyway, my goal with this neglected blog is to post all our trips and pictures, I have so many!!!! Until then....

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  1. No sweets at all? You're crazy! I'll eat yours for you... So glad you're on the mend! And YES... FINISH THOSE Antibiotics!