Monday, November 26, 2012

Potty Training

We went to Boise the day after Thanksgiving. Noah decided he would like to potty train on the way there. As you can imagine, my anxiety was shot through the roof dealing with this all of a sudden. He told us every single time when he needed to go and we pulled into every single gas station along the way and he went. No accidents! Say what?!?!?! So this continued as we stayed overnight at our hotel and while we were at the mall, visiting with friends and out to eat. Basically my little man is a little rockstar. We are on day 11 now and still going strong!


  1. how did I miss this post - hilarious - He's doing great but he's gonna kill you when he gets older for taking those picture and then POSTING them...hahahah!

  2. He is seriously a-mazing. Go Noah. Love these pics. He's gonna love them when he is older too :)