Monday, November 26, 2012

Potty Training

We went to Boise the day after Thanksgiving. Noah decided he would like to potty train on the way there. As you can imagine, my anxiety was shot through the roof dealing with this all of a sudden. He told us every single time when he needed to go and we pulled into every single gas station along the way and he went. No accidents! Say what?!?!?! So this continued as we stayed overnight at our hotel and while we were at the mall, visiting with friends and out to eat. Basically my little man is a little rockstar. We are on day 11 now and still going strong!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Noah's Scare!

Noah had a scare a week ago. He had stated to feel hot about 4:30pm and wouldn't eat a thing. I took his temp and it was 102 degrees so I gave him some ibuprofen and plenty of fluids to drink. About 30 mins later he threw up everywhere! I gave him a bath and more fluids. Rechecked his temp and it was down to 100.8 degrees. I was relieved that it was coming down, but still worried because Noah was just lounging on the couch laying down with a washcloth over his head. If you know Noah, you know this is not him. He's usually bouncing off the walls 24/7. Tyler came home from work and I was dishing up his dinner. Noah went into his room and I told Tyler I was going to go check on him. I went in and picked him up and he was just so lethargic and Limp. I told Tyler that I thought we needed to make a run to the ER so I handed him to Tyler so I could get Layla ready. Tyler immediately said "he just feels like dead weight" I started rushing and then heard Tyler shout that Noah's jaw was locked and he was turning blue. I immediately called 911. It was my worst nightmare becoming a reality. I screamed at the 911 dispatcher to hurry as I watched Tyler do CPR on Noah and heard him give him a blessing. Noah was just staring at Tyler but wasn't really there. I seriously thought Noah was dying and thought I was going to pass out myself with the fright. The first responders arrived so fast and our bishop was right behind them. Someone had called him and he was just around the corner! Him and Tyler gave Noah another blessing as the EMTs gave Noah some oxygen. Noah was starting to come back after about 5 minutes (which felt like an eternity). They asked him to wiggle his toes and he did. He sat up and threw up into a bag and then proceeded to apologize to everyone and ask for his mommy :(

They took him by ambulance to the hospital where they did blood work and other tests. Tyler rode with Noah and I rode with some friends behind the ambulance. Noah was sitting up playing with the monitor cords and waving out the window at me. At the hospital they confirmed that Noah had had a febrile seizure due to the rapid increase in his fever. It wasn't that he got too hot, but that it spiked too fast. He was so cute in the hospital! He kept calling the doctor "honey" and kept apologizing. "Sorry honey!" "thanks honey!" So sweet. We left the hospital at 2:30 that morning and Noah was tired, but acted completely normal and has ever since. I took him to the doctor the next day and he checked out just fine. I, on the other hand think I need counseling and meds :)

I am so thankful that everything worked out fine. Noah slept in our bed for two nights because I was such a mess. He kicked us all night long and woke us up counting to ten at 4 am but we didn't care because it meant he was alright! The whole situation has given me a whole new appreciation for so much. I have just a little more patience with Noah ever since it happened because I am just so grateful that he is okay. I have a greater appreciation for the priesthood. It was so relieving to have Tyler be able to give Noah a blessing during such a scary time and to have our bishop also give him one. I am also so grateful for sincere kindness of so many people. I had so many friends just help....take Layla in the waiting room at the hospital, drive me to the hospital, bring us dinner, call, stop by, and so much more. We are truly blessed ;)

Here are some pics of Noah in the hospital (he's asleep in both pics due to complete exhaustion) and before when he was feeling hot and sick and one from yesterday. As you can see, he's perfectly normal now ;) love him!