Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Update From Tyler

Hey guys....I just wanted to give you an update from the mind of Tyler....not a whole lots going on in the mind of Tyler. Kidding! There is alot going on in the mind of Tyler. So Trudi and I got married a week and change ago. Like Trudi said, everything was perfect. The weeks leading up to everything were probably some of the most stressful days of my life but everything came together wonderfully. Our reception ended up looking like an amazingly classy prom or gala. I'm going to go with gala because as Trudi would say, "Proms are ghetto." There's no way she could call a gala ghetto!! :-)

Being married to Trudi for the last week and change has been wonderful. I'm so excited to spend eternity with her. And I suppose I will use this public forum to publicly declare my eternal love for her. (And if you're asking yourself; isn't marrying her enough of a public declaration of love? The answer is NO!)

In other news, the Sooners lost. Sad day. It was fun getting together with some of the guys to watch the game. Sam, Lucas, Scott, Wayne, Jesse and I watched the game at Buffalo Wild Wings. As it turns out, the waiters do kind of get ticked at you when you stay a long time, unlike the commercials.

Until next time HOMIES!!!!!

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  1. yay for blogging......I think another karaoke night is in!