Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend Review

We had planned to do a lot of cleaning and organizing this weekend. When Saturday morning rolled around, neither one of us wanted to get started on all the errands and chores we had to do, but we started and got done! We totally organized our bedroom and now we can see the floor and everything is put away. We spent our Saturday doing laundry and let me just take this time to announce that Tyler has WAY TOO MANY CLOTHES....Okay, not really.....It's me with the problem. I have so many clothes. My clothes occupy about 3/4 + of our walk-in closet and then I have tupperware boxes of folded clothes and then some. I have nothing to say for myself except that I have a problem, but don't worry guys.....I've been put on purchase hold by my darling husband :) We ran out to Kims to pick up some stuff I had left out there and it was lovely to see her kids again. It's been too long. I used to see them all the time when I lived out there, so I miss them. We did some shopping and that was our Saturday. I was so pooped after yesterday that I slept in and woke up to Tyler asking me what clothes needed to be put into the dryer. He had woken up and done two loads of laundry.....HOLLA!!!! He has been such a good sport about cleaning and organizing. I am sooooo lucky :) So we went to our new ward today. Everyone was so welcoming from the moment we walked in. They knew who we were. I guess they had gotten an email that we were coming....weird. I can smell a calling, but whatev. There is a variety of people in our ward....young couples, middle aged couples with teenagers, and elderly people too....Oh, and A LOT OF BABIES. The high light of my day was being asked to stand up in front of the whole relief society while everyone sat in the seats and introduced After church we came home and ate the roast that we had cooked in the crock pot (my new best friend) during church. I mean, it was SOOOOO GOOD. This was Tyler's best part of the day! All in all, it was a great weekend and we don't want to go back to work....BOOOOOO! One last thing....I just have to share this hilarious moment. Last night we rented The Women. I had wanted to watch this since we started dating, but things always came up (conveniently for Tyler). So Anyway, there we were at the video store last night....I see "The Women" and basically force/guilt Tyler into getting it. As we were renting it Tyler said "this is going to be a Lesbo movie, I can already tell." I quickly reminded him that I have watched so much football and didn't even want to hear that. We got home and started watching it. IT SUCKED! There is not one man in the whole movie. Literally, they talk about men....but you never see them. The only man that's even mentioned really is an adulterer who all the women hate. So they go on to try to convince the wife to be a lesbian like Jada Pinkett Smith's character. Seriously, don't see this movie....I think Tyler thinks that this experience has won me over and now I will only want to watch stupid boy movies and football. THINK AGAIN MISTER!


  1. Too funny about the movie. A few weeks ago some friends were having lunch and going to watch it afterwards, I had to decline because I was working...I heard later that I didn't miss much lol. Too funny about your new ward, you gotta love those awkward introduction moments in RS...Like you are gonna remember anyones name anyways.

  2. Sounds like you had a productive weekend. Just some info for you: Right after we got married I was so baby hungry, Aaron bought me a puppy to try and suffice - it worked for like a week and then I wanted a baby. Just a tip - DO NOT GET A PUPPY, just have the baby!

  3. Trudi - you are hilarious! I'm already liking your blog style :) I'm gonna add you to my list and I'm going to tell Stacia about your blog :D PS she has a boyfriend now :)