Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today I was meeting Tyler for lunch. We usually meet right down the street from my work, it's only about 3 minutes away. Anywho, I was approaching Russell Road when I see this man running down Valley View. He is almost to the stop light when he turns around, clearly see's me (with my blinker on).... I saw that the HUGE red hand was flashing telling this guy not to run across the intersection, so I proceed. All of a sudden, the fool makes a run for it and I almost T-bone him because I had the right of way. He stops in the intersection and throws his hands up in the air and yells "I'm going you F&*%ing B$(%@". My heart was racing, plus I seriously almost wet myself...and then I thought....OH NO, HELLZ NO. So I stopped, looked him in the eye, rolled down the window and yelled "I HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY IDIOT".....all while laying on my horn. I seriously layed on my horn for about a minute. When I reached Tyler, I was still shaking. I was telling him my story and he was looking at me like it was all my fault because he thinks I'm a bad driver.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend Review

We had planned to do a lot of cleaning and organizing this weekend. When Saturday morning rolled around, neither one of us wanted to get started on all the errands and chores we had to do, but we started and got done! We totally organized our bedroom and now we can see the floor and everything is put away. We spent our Saturday doing laundry and let me just take this time to announce that Tyler has WAY TOO MANY CLOTHES....Okay, not really.....It's me with the problem. I have so many clothes. My clothes occupy about 3/4 + of our walk-in closet and then I have tupperware boxes of folded clothes and then some. I have nothing to say for myself except that I have a problem, but don't worry guys.....I've been put on purchase hold by my darling husband :) We ran out to Kims to pick up some stuff I had left out there and it was lovely to see her kids again. It's been too long. I used to see them all the time when I lived out there, so I miss them. We did some shopping and that was our Saturday. I was so pooped after yesterday that I slept in and woke up to Tyler asking me what clothes needed to be put into the dryer. He had woken up and done two loads of laundry.....HOLLA!!!! He has been such a good sport about cleaning and organizing. I am sooooo lucky :) So we went to our new ward today. Everyone was so welcoming from the moment we walked in. They knew who we were. I guess they had gotten an email that we were coming....weird. I can smell a calling, but whatev. There is a variety of people in our ward....young couples, middle aged couples with teenagers, and elderly people too....Oh, and A LOT OF BABIES. The high light of my day was being asked to stand up in front of the whole relief society while everyone sat in the seats and introduced themselves...lol. After church we came home and ate the roast that we had cooked in the crock pot (my new best friend) during church. I mean, it was SOOOOO GOOD. This was Tyler's best part of the day! All in all, it was a great weekend and we don't want to go back to work....BOOOOOO! One last thing....I just have to share this hilarious moment. Last night we rented The Women. I had wanted to watch this since we started dating, but things always came up (conveniently for Tyler). So Anyway, there we were at the video store last night....I see "The Women" and basically force/guilt Tyler into getting it. As we were renting it Tyler said "this is going to be a Lesbo movie, I can already tell." I quickly reminded him that I have watched so much football and didn't even want to hear that. We got home and started watching it. IT SUCKED! There is not one man in the whole movie. Literally, they talk about men....but you never see them. The only man that's even mentioned really is an adulterer who all the women hate. So they go on to try to convince the wife to be a lesbian like Jada Pinkett Smith's character. Seriously, don't see this movie....I think Tyler thinks that this experience has won me over and now I will only want to watch stupid boy movies and football. THINK AGAIN MISTER!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Update From Tyler

Hey guys....I just wanted to give you an update from the mind of Tyler....not a whole lots going on in the mind of Tyler. Kidding! There is alot going on in the mind of Tyler. So Trudi and I got married a week and change ago. Like Trudi said, everything was perfect. The weeks leading up to everything were probably some of the most stressful days of my life but everything came together wonderfully. Our reception ended up looking like an amazingly classy prom or gala. I'm going to go with gala because as Trudi would say, "Proms are ghetto." There's no way she could call a gala ghetto!! :-)

Being married to Trudi for the last week and change has been wonderful. I'm so excited to spend eternity with her. And I suppose I will use this public forum to publicly declare my eternal love for her. (And if you're asking yourself; isn't marrying her enough of a public declaration of love? The answer is NO!)

In other news, the Sooners lost. Sad day. It was fun getting together with some of the guys to watch the game. Sam, Lucas, Scott, Wayne, Jesse and I watched the game at Buffalo Wild Wings. As it turns out, the waiters do kind of get ticked at you when you stay a long time, unlike the commercials.

Until next time HOMIES!!!!!


So before I get another message or text about updating my blog...I would like to explain myself. First of all....we've been busy. Second, I totally forgot our password. However, I am now married to a smart guy who just reminded me of it....So, here we are READY TO BLOG. I'm not gonna lie, I am finding it hard to fall in love with blogging. I think it's because my life revolved around facebook when I was single and so it's hard for the blogging to compete...lol. So anyway, we got married Jan 9th. It was perfect. Let me just say that we had some major stressful moments in the planning but because we both have amazing friends and family, we were fine. Everyone helped out and we had the most beautiful wedding ever :) We were sealed at 9am on Friday the 9th in the Las Vegas Temple. I can't even begin to explain how amazing it was. Best moment of my life!!!! When we came out of the temple, our family and friends were waiting for us with our wonderful photographer Brittney. She was so amazing. She's still editing our pics, but I have a few sneak previews from her already. She's just starting out and all I can say is...WOW! Definitely referring her to everyone I know. (If you need her info, ask :)) After that we headed up to the growing metropolis of Alamo, where we had our reception. My little bro played a few songs and he and my sisters and mam sang to us. Amaaaaazing! Our reception was wonderful and soooo gorgeous! Total shout out to my mam. She is amazing. I still feel bad because I was a little bit of a bridezilla, but she really made things happen and helped out so much.
The next wednesday Tyler and I headed out to Oklahoma for our open house. It was so good to see his family again and to meet his sister and her family. His sister just had the cutest little baby boy ever. I mean, he was born with a mohawk....what more can I say??? Our drive to Oklahoma was the longest thing in my life, but it is gorgeous out there. Within two days, I had been in Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.... Pretty cool when you've only ever been to Utah and Idaho :) Our time in Oklahoma was awesome. Our open house was perfect :) Tyler's mom did so much and everything turned out just how we wanted :) My mam and Bev were able to come out and it was lovely to have them there also. We started our drive home on Saturday night after our open house and got home on Monday morning.
So here we are, back in Vegas.....back to work....back to real life! I can't believe how blessed I am. We have a cute home, jobs, awesome families, the church and I'm married to the love of my life...LIFE IS SO GOOD!
--Here's a few little sneak peaks at our photo's. Did I mention that we are models?!?!? JUST KIDDING...