Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Losing my mind

When Noah was about 2 months old, he started sleeping through the night. It was awesome. He would sleep for at least 9 hours. Everyone told me we were spoiled, but I thought it was just making up for the first couple of newborn months....WELL, the sleeping through the night lasted about 2.5 months and then BAM, we were back to waking up in the middle of the night. Not once, or twice, but more like every two hours. As you can imagine, I thought my life was over...but then decided that I could handle it because all I had to do was get up, feed him and he would be back out, fast asleep. I won't lie, this was still tiring but I would take those days back now for sure.
At this point, we are still dealing with Noah waking up every two hours, but now he is wide awake, will not sleep, fights being fed and is currently blowing raspberries, parked in front of Tom and Jerry since 4am (it's now 5am). I THINK I AM GOING CRAZY. Every single night is a fight trying to get him to sleep. He is a strong little 7 month old and actually fights me. He won't go to sleep anyway until at least 11:30 pm. I asked Tyler earlier tonight if he wanted to head into bed and I would get Noah to sleep, his reply..."no, it's ok it's still pretty early." It was about 11pm.
I have read up on everything: Left him in his crib to cry it out, Done a night time routine, Tried the different techniques out there, but still nothing. My house is a mess. I haven't done laundry, unpacked from vegas (we got back a week ago), I haven't cooked a meal in I don't know how long and I basically stay in my pjs all day and lay on the couch. Tyler only gets about 5 hours of sleep each night if he's lucky, but still has to get up and work about a 12 hr day. We both look like crap and are both incredibly irritable. Seriously, the smallest thing can and does set me off in about 2 seconds. DEEP BREATHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. hang in there...

    not really what you want to hear (i hated hearing that!)

    i won't give any advice since i hated hearing "the perfect solution" from everyone else... just know that i'm sending you good vibes!!!

  2. have you tried getting him two of every stuffed animal? it might make him feel more at home.

  3. Because I care about you guys, I'll share a little Bass Family secret to getting kids to sleep. Put a dab of Whiskey on your finger and give it to him. He'll be slurin' words, singin' Grath Brooks songs, maybe take a couple swings at ya, but then out cold for the rest of the night!

    You can also use Nyquil, but you won't get to hear a slured version of Friends in Low Places