Thursday, September 22, 2011

He Loves Us

This picture clearly shows how Noah really feels about us. I was walking through the mall in Twin awhile ago and won a free photo pass for a yr. I've gotten some taken of Noah over the last couple of months. They are not my favorite pics, mostly because Noah is a complete and utter nightmare in the studio. They called me the other day and offered me free family pics (probably because they saw me having a breakdown as Noah was slapping the photographer during his shoot...sigh!!!!) We have some more on the way and we also have a family photo shoot scheduled for the fall with Amy Nielsen. Can't wait!!!! We are in need of family pics like crazy around here. Also, fall TV is up and running. YEAH BOI!!!!!


  1. LOVE this pic. Noah is such a little studmuffin. We love him. Good Luck with the fall family pics, maybe by then you can bribe him with something to help him behave. Miss you guys.
    ~Mandy xo


    I love that you can see your eye rolling in exasperation... hilarious!

    That Noah can do no wrong, even if he is beating up a photographer... he's just too cute!

  3. WHEN IS BABY NUMBER 2 coming.....rotfl....seriously tho? were you whispering that to NOah in his ear? hee hee
    Luvs xoxoxo