Thursday, October 20, 2011


So, I suck at blogging. So sad. I believe I have yet to blog about our trip to June. To be honest, I have just not felt like blogging. Sad, but true. I have a few minutes to update, since my child is currently shaking it to Pandora in the living room. Haha.

  • I was called into Young Womens in September. Laurels Advisor. I did not see that coming. I felt really inadequate for the calling and sometimes still do, but I am enjoying it. There are good girls in the program and I love the YW President who serves over the Laurels with me. With this calling I became super busy overnight and my weeks literally fly by. It's crazy.
  • As of today I am like 70 something days off sweets and all the good stuff. I feel great!!! I also started running again. It was real hard at first and I'd be lying if I said it was easy now, but it is getting better. I wonder if I will ever be back to my college running time, but it takes time and I need to just keep working towards it. I have noticed a difference and have had to go down a couple sizes in jeans. There is no better feeling...I don't care who you are!
  • Noah is 19 months and a holy terror. Not kidding. He is adapting well to nursery, but sometimes I feel bad for the ladies in there...especially when I walk by and Noah is standing on the table as the other kids are sitting quietly eating their snacks. Aghhhhh! He weighs 31 lbs and is all boy!
  • I recently became addicted to Pinterest. Thanks Jess ;) Tyler says that he likes it because of all the recipes that I try out. Lol. I am in love. I made this wooden pallet frame thing that turned out super cute, and after that I felt like I was a master carpenter. So, I tried to make a coffee table. Turned out so ugly, don't want to talk about it. But for real, Pinterest is where it's at. I get the most awesome handouts and ideas for young womens on there. It has everything!!! Email me if you want an invite.
  • Tyler's grandma and Joe came to visit earlier this month. It was so great to see them and to catch up. Noah thought he was in heaven having people to show off to. My sister Kim and her fam may be coming up next month, and then my mam is coming for Thanksgiving. I love having family/visitors. It's too quiet here. SERIOUSLY!!!
  • Tyler is wrapping up cross country season and is so excited for basketball to start. I have a love/hate relationship when that rolls around. I love that Tyler loves it, but I never see my husband so it's hard.
  • Fall is here...Kinda. I am ready for the fall clothes, but the weather keeps playing tricks on us. Come on!!! I am soooo ready for the clothes, boots, coats, and everything else!!! I am so excited for Halloween, Thanksgiving and super stoked about our annual SLC trip!!!

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  1. You are amazing with your running and going off sweets... Seriously. I don't think I could do it. EVER. That's seriously awesome that you're dropping pant sizes though. I would love to see that on me! I am loving this weather and I don't want it to go ANYWHERE! Winter comes too soon usually and overstays its welcome!