Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011 Picture Overload

We kicked off the Halloween weekend by going to a party with The Smurfs (a.k.a. The Astons). Blue is most definitely their color! Tyler and I dressed up as an old couple. Tyler was a little too into his character for the.entire.night!

Meet the future Mr and Mrs Matlock

This year was Noah's first real time dressing up for Halloween. We have always been out of town, so we were very excited to do this!

My Little Pirate

At the Trunk or Treat

So, about half way through the trunk or treat, Noah began to throw himself on the ground. He does this on our bed and on the couches and it's really fun, but it's not too awesome on the concrete. Anyway, he threw himself on the ground, and landed on his sword at the same time. A lady standing right there kinda started to panic and was like "his lip is bleeding." I picked Noah up and his lip was cut and blood was flowing out...onto my cardigan. YAY!!! The bleeding finally stopped and Noah finally stopped crying and now we have a fat lip pictured below. Never a dull moment. SIGH...

Wherever we go, Tyler insists on taking pictures left and right with the camera. Mostly when I am unprepared, or in this case yelling at him...I probably have one million pictures like this one on my camera. Haha.


  1. Ha ha, just have to comment again because my word verification was cutdho...ha ha cut da ho! Ha!

  2. um hello where did you go? you look amazing and
    shriveling away!!! :)