Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Devine Curse

Growing up, my sisters and I would blame all the sucky things in life on the "Devine Curse". As most of you know, our maiden name is Devine, so it just kinda flowed. Lately I have been slapped in the face with an abundance of this heavenly curse. I won't go into all the different instances but here's the kicker...

My sis Bev wanted to send me a birthday card, so she texted me and asked for my address. I gave it to her and she said she'd throw my passport in there since she had found it with her important docs. (It must have gotten mixed up in her things when we lived together in college). Anywho, friday rolls around and I go to get my mail. Amongst the bills, I see a pink birthday card envelope. I open it up and see a cute "sister" birthday card. Assuming Bev forgot to put the passport in I shoot her a text and say, "Thanks for the birthday card, did you forget to put my passport in?" And this is where the curse comes into full effect....

My phone rings, it's Bev:

Bev: Trudi, are you kidding?
Trudi: No. Did you forget to put it in?
B: No, I remember putting it in right outside the post office before I sealed it.
T: Uh....are you sure?
B: Yeah. Trudi, are you joking?
T: No.
B: I know I didn't forget cuz I put it in the middle of the birthday card, right beside the Ross (one of my fav stores) giftcard.
T: (slightly tearing up)....UH, what Ross girftcard?

Then I notice that the side of the pretty pink envelope is neatly sliced.

We hang up and I have a breakdown and text Tyler. "Can you call me? Slightly urgent..."

5 mins later...my phone rings. I would put my conversation to Tyler on here but all I remember is crying and not making sense. hahaha

Bottomline, some tool bag stole my Irish passport and Ross giftcard. I called the post office here and the post master told me that some machine in a warehouse probably opened the envelope. Uh, welcome to the real world....you moron. My passport is an Irish one so I knew my next step was to call the Irish Consolate. Conveniently, my laptop cord blew up the night before so my lovely sister Mandy got me the number. They told me I have to file a postal inspector report, police report and then pay for a new one. AWESOME! I mean, it's not like I'm going anywhere but still. And, I suppose the giftcard isn't the priority, but still... And, so help me if someone steals and uses my identity I will freak. I don't know if the mail theft occurred here or in California where it was sent from. BUT, whoever you are, I am coming after you!

ALSO, I may or may not have written a letter to the newspaper regarding a very touchy subject and it may or may not have gotten published. I kinda feel famous. Famous, with no passport. UGH!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You are famous Trudelicious ;) so annoyed that your card/passport got sabotaged, NOT COOL!!! You are so right, totally was the Devine curse, even though you are now a Matlock...it still haunts, LAME lol. Love you and I will get another gift card in the mail to you :) Ross forever hahaha.

  2. Oh Trudi, that sucks so bad! I hope everything turns out okay. :(

  3. THAT SUCKS!! Hopefully they can catch the creep that took it and if you ever get a hold of them - take out your anger!

  4. WHAT?!?! use this anger and find the thief. Then go hurt him badly (i'm assuming it's a dude, but then again... what the devil is he doing stealing a WOMAN'S passport and a Ross giftcard... i mean please, the only things they have for MEN at Ross are loose FUBU crappy jeans and mexican gangster wear... not cool) anyway, i'm getting off point.

    Go cut someone. I'll totally back you up. I'm your girl.

  5. All I can say as regards the Devine curse is may they loose their paper hankies and may their nose run like the Nile. So, if you see some snot-nosed guy in a long black wig trying hard to look like a real pretty Irish girl tackle him from behind and think of Ireland :o) Mam