Thursday, May 6, 2010


we took some naps....

played in our "in home" gym...

talked some sports...

hung out with family...

got cuter....

went to a sports banquet...

made candy bouquets for the basketball team...

found some monkeys in our bed...

baked some good cinnamon rolls...

and, gave Hugh Hefner a run for his money!!!!


  1. OMGOSH I love this post - seriously.....ok
    1. The first pic looks like "Hallejulia" sp?
    2. I wanna hold him :(
    3. 7th picture is soooooo darn cute!
    4. I want a candy bouquet - you craft chick u
    5. I want those cinammon rolls more than candy
    6. Hefs got nothing on noah! the legs lol......

  2. Such a great post, I love every picture. You did great on the cinnamon rolls, they look soooo yummy. The little robe is so adorable too. Keep the pics coming, I love lil Noah ;)

  3. love the first picture of him raising the roof... what a balla!

    Noah... you're pimp and oh so very cute!

  4. The last pic is my favorite - so adorable!

  5. Noah is so cute! I haven't seen him in person yet, but I'm excited to. Enjoy these days, they go by in a fun!

  6. Trudi your little guy is so cute!

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  7. Is that mam's cardigan on him in the first pic. So cute! He is changing so much, keep the pics coming. P.s, how many cinnamon rolls did you eat? and can I have the recipie? So glad Noah is getting into a routine....FINALLY, right? Miss ya, Love ya