Sunday, May 23, 2010


  • It snowed last week...more expected this week. WHY?!?!?!?!?
  • Shots for Noah on Wednesday.
  • We bought a treadmill. I have ran every single day. My hips, quads, and calves are on fire. I keep forgetting to stretch. STUPID! Tyler and I both went running tonight. we sit with red, sweaty faces as our son stares at us like we are weirdies. lol. It's so hard to keep going, but the more I run, the more motivated I become.
  • I was running yesterday with my ipod when all of a sudden this song came on. Seriously, I was dying. I remember my sisters Kim and Mandy doing their drill team routine to it back in the day. hahaha.
  • Schools out for the summer for Tyler on Friday. SING HALLELUJAH!!!
  • Noah has been basically sleeping through the night for about a month now. SO AWESOME. The beginning was so so so so hard, but now it's pretty much the best :)
  • Idol finale on Wednesday. I know, I know, this year sucked...BUT we are loyal fans and can't wait
  • I am contemplating cutting my hair....I am so torn. Every time I decide to do it, I have a good hair day. However, I only dried my hair once this week because I seriously have no time.
  • Jersey Shore is coming baaaaaaaaaaaackkkk. Don't judge.
  • If you are looking for some new recipes, please click here. This is my favorite recipe website. I'm not even kidding, IT'S THE BOMB DIGGITY! I seriously have made Chicken Parmesan, General Tso's chicken, Orange Chicken, Pizza, Bread, and even the exact Cafe Rio Pork salad from this blog. It's awesome and super easy.


  1. Noah sleeping all night....awesome! No judgements here, I love Jersey Shore lol.

  2. Im gonna visit that blog bc Ive pretty much stopped cooking - the kids are fending for themselves with ready cooked miniburgers from Sams club(my new friend) and Jacob learned how to cook his own ramen - SAD!
    Also I still tootsie roll DAILY!!

  3. Jersey shore, hehe, but i'll watch it too. Good job running everyday, you are awesome! I need to start using that recipe blog too. Lovessss

  4. ok, first of all, why does your background look like a granola's sweater? just asking. second, don't go crazy on the haircut. I have cut my hair short after each of my kids and regretted it each time. Just get a good few inches chopped to make it look healthy and maybe some choppy layers. It'll look fab. Can't wait for Jersey shore, ah now, scandalous! Thanks for the recipie blog, who doesn't need ideas. Now I just need to get off my lazy arse and getting cookin.