Monday, January 31, 2011


I was walking through Sears a couple of weeks ago when a lady stopped me and asked if I wanted to spin a wheel to get a free prize. Of course I said YES! I spun the wheel and won the yearly membership to their photo studio. Pretty awesome since I have a 10 month old lil cutie!!! Anyway, we went on Saturday and had the pics done. I loved them all, but some of them were ruined due to the hair sticking out and flying away, a flipped up collar, or drool down the front of the shirt. Also, I have been looking for church shoes for Noah for awhile now, but never found anything I liked until I found the beauties he's sporting below. They are from The Children's Place and I scored them for $3. YEAH BOI!!! Here are a few of my favorites...excuse the sears logo, no copyrighting this time. haha.


  1. Those are so cute! Love the 2nd to last one when he's sitting in the chair, he looks like a little old man with a fat belly. So cute.

  2. So cute!!! Love that little man!

  3. Love the last one of him standing. He has such attitude. These are great poses and all for free. You can't beat that. I heart Noah!

  4. The Sears logo makes it even cooler. It reminds you that it was still free.

    Plus you got to spin a wheel.