Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tyler's Top 10 Favorite Things To Say at Home

10. "Hey, Babe" - No, I'm not talking about Babe Ruth. I am obviously referring to the lovely Trudi Matlock.

9. "Oh, crap, I forgot about that. I'll do it right now." - Okay, this is not even close to being a favorite thing to say but it seems I say it so much that I must like saying. What can I say, I'm working on being house broken.

8. "Yeah, stay in bed" - This is usually after I get up to get Noah in the middle of the night. Trudi says, No, I'll get him. And I will say, No, I've got him. And she will say, just let me sleep for 20 more minutes. I know she will sleep right through that 20 minutes! I don't really care though, she needs every bit of sleep she can get.

7. "Noah!! NOAH!!" - Even though he's only 9 1/2 months old, he still manages to sneak away and find trouble waiting for him.

6. "No, it's not that bad at all." - I say this when I change Noah's diapers. Wet ones or dirty ones. I always have to trick myself into saying it's not that bad at all so that I don't throw up on poor little Noah.

5. "NERS!" - So, my family has a thing about calling pets by nicknames, well, not to say Noah is my pet but I gave him a little nickname that I like just fine. Ners.

4. "I'm pushing for 6 ft 5 inches 220 lbs with long arms, good ball handling skills, and shooters touch with the ability to post up" - This is what I say to people who ask how much Noah weighs. Yeah, I answer the question based on my warped fantasy of his basketball career, so what? Who cares?

3. "Truddi" - Pronounced like Truhh-Dee. Trudi mostly despises this variation on her name. However, sometimes she doesn't smack me on the arm when I say it.

2. "Did yooooooouuuuuu teeeeeeeeeep goooooooood!?!?!" - Truddi, I mean Trudi, has been saying this to Noah since he was very little. It rubbed off on me so now anytime he is waking up from a nap or from a nights sleep I ask him this.

1. "This daddy loves this baby and this wifey." - Ahh, presh. It's true, I love my baby and my wife.

Thanks for reading my Top 10 Favorite Things to Say at Home


  1. Awww how cute!!! This is a funny list and I can see you saying all of them, too. Ah now lets see some pics from your trip to Oklahoma.

  2. Ah good man yerself! Tell Trudi to stop smacking you because it's domestic violence :) For your sake, and Noah's, I hope he does end up being 6'5 and 220lbs. You never know, between the Devine genes and trudi's cooking, he might just be that and maybe he can get his ball handling skills from you.....eek.