Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cleaning out the camera

I was going through the camera and found some pics that I thought I would upload....some are from a while ago, and some are more recent..

This was from Tyler's birthday back in February......mmmmmm, crab legs. GROSS, but it was his birthday :)

These next couple of pics are of our home.....Disregard that annoying dot in the middle of some of the pics.....our camera was having issues. We got most of our stuff for free when we were getting married. The only thing I bought was the rug on the floor....$15 at a garage sale...HOLLA!

This is Tyler with my sister Mandy's crazy/cute kids. I love this picture because they are all looking in different directions.....and Tyrone looks stoned....hahahaha.

This is Tyler's sister Tara's little boy Jayden.....He was born with a fohawk! So cute!

So Tyler always laughs at me and says I get hyper after I eat....I don't know what he's talking about! hahaha, also, I have wireless eyes. Don't judge!

This was before church this morning...... We thought we'd test out the timer on the camera. It works!


  1. Love the pics. Looks like you guys scored in the decorating dept.

  2. Trudi! I love you apartment! It looks so cute! You have some really cute signs and frames. Oh...and your hair is getting so long. You two look so happy, I am glad you are enjoying the married life :)

  3. Love the area rug. Looks like you got the bargain finding and decorating style from me :) You guys are hot!!