Monday, March 16, 2009


I just thought I would update our blog since we just got done working out and I have energy! I went to a kickboxing class and dragged Tyler along. He lasted for about 2.5 minutes and then bounced and left me all alone. Thanks babe :) Anyway, the class was intense and I loved it. I'm not gonna lie, I felt a little lanky and out of place but I still kept going. My legs were literally the length of the lady beside Anwyay, afterwards I went and sat in the sauna for about twenty. I'm so glad we pushed ourselves to go work out tonight. All I wanted to do after today (aka The Monday from hell) was sit and eat and watch reality tv, but I'm glad we didn't.
We helped my sister Mandy and her family move on Saturday. They are now living around the corner from my sister Kim. We're sad to see them go because we loved living so close to them and already miss their adorable kids :( It was fun to hang with the sibs and to see my mam and Malcolm, even if we were working like slaves moving Mandy's stuff;) We're are all planning a trip to Alamo soon and can't wait. We went to the St. Patricks day shin dig in Hendo on Saturday night with The smallwoods, and some other friends. So Fun! Ieven fot talked into ridingr a ride. It was the scariest thing in my life and Tyler got mad at me for dropping the S bomb a few times....oops.
In other news, I had my first big upper management staff meeting today. I ordered food in, and the stupid caterers lost our order. My first big moment to shine and what do you know....someone dropped the ball. It was cool though, I re-ordered and the food only ended up being about 10 minutes late. All in all, it turned out well and they still love me :)


  1. Kickboxing sounds miserable:)

  2. um so what happened right after the smallwoods......were ya getting into the guinness a little early??? CHECK SPELLING??? great seeing ya tonite truds xo

  3. Believe me, you'll have your turn to shine again, bright spark :)