Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Secret Crushes

Bob Harper....can you seriously be any cuter? So I watch Biggest Loser when I'm at the gym. My obsession with Bob started when I wanted to punch Jillian in the face because she's the rudest manly woman I have ever seen. Bob is so tender hearted and truly cares about the well being of his team. I knew he was the one when I saw him cry....Might be gay, but still adorable.

I was a fan the minute I set my eyes on this one. Every week Adam Lambert blows America away with his talent. His voice is amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing and I love how he does his very own rendition of every song he picks. How can someone like this be on the same show as that chick Megan Joy??!?!?!?!?! She can't freaking sing. Get off the show! Also, I don't care if he wears guyliner.......I still heart him :)

So.....I kinda sorta watch VH1's Tough Love. Don't judge me. At first I was a little skeptical, but I like it and I love the host guy Steven Ward. I love how he tells the girls exactly what's up. I may or may not have gotten teary eyed watching this weeks rerun today. Now don't get me wrong...I'm sure this guy is a tool in real life, but he is so nice and sincere on the show! He gives the girls a male perspective and doesn't mess around or lie to them. If only I had of had this guy around while I was in college...hahaha, but seriously.
SIKE!How could I forget my boy Brett Michaels?......Very easily my friends. I can't believe this show is still running. Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?!?!? RIDICULOUS!

Now even though I love these boys (except for Brett), I can't forget my one true crush.....

It's not so secret :) I will probably get beat for posting this pic...but I mean how could I not?!?!? hahahaha!


  1. I love Bob too, slightly on the femmy side, but in a good way (if that's possible lol). I would probably strangle Jillian if she was my trainer.

  2. So, I recently found out that Adam Lambert is gay too. I had to chuckle that both him and Bob made it on your Secret Crushes list ;)

  3. Um I love the guy from tough love! I told Heather the other day if I was on the show I would be trying to get him! HAHAHA! Brett M. girl you got to love that hair! He spends a lot of money on it ot make sure it doesnt look fake!