Tuesday, April 6, 2010

G'day Sir!

This picture just cracks me up. Doesn't Noah look like an old man? Like a little old cute Ben Franklin? Maybe it's just me....Either way, he's cute.

p.s. Tyler asked me last night if I thought Noah was going to mold into the shape of the boppy due to all the time he spends in it. ROTFL.


  1. Freakin CUTE!!!! This pic is too much, lol...He totally looks like a little old man, :) xoxo

  2. Ha ha, that's right. He is gorgeous. He looks very like his cousin Ryan in this pic. Hopefully he doesn't follow with the same mischieviousness, but I wouldn't count on it. He is changing so much. Give him smooches from his favorite auntie :)

  3. Adorable!!!

    i remember when Ava was like 30 seconds old and Taylor was calling her name, "Ayy-vaaaa, Ayyyy-Vaaaaa!" then he looks at me all concerned.. "do you think she's deaf?"

    um no, dear. She's just new.

  4. I think all new babies look like little old men - even the girls. Either way, he is flippin adorable!

  5. He is such a heart-breaker! I love how calm he looks. He's just chillin'