Sunday, April 25, 2010

Some Pics.

I weighed Noah the other day. He was exactly 5 weeks old and weighed exactly 10 lbs! I really can tell a difference from when he was born. He is just growing and growing and getting cuter and cuter everyday too ;)
Noah went to church for the first time today! It was stake conference and he did so good. He slept the whole time and only woke up about 5 mins before the end.

This outfit is from the Gap. I got it for 1 Dolla! I know, I'm awesome. One Dolla make you Holla!!!!!

He is liking his car seat more and more everyday!

TummyTime :)

I placed him in his crib one day while I was hanging up his clothes. He no likey! BUT, he does blend in with the bedding. lol.

Cute little face :)


  1. omgosh he looks like a little boy - ahem little cute boy!!!! he's so cute!! I love him and he needs me to hold him!

  2. He is soooo precious! Congrats on the little man, you two make cute babies!!! :)

  3. He is so gorgeous. He is really starting to fill out and he is the image of both of you, because you and Tyler really do share a resemblance.....tis the truth. I can't wait to smooch his little face next weekend. I love the gap outfit, let him wear it tons before he grows out of it. You should get pics taken in it. Target do a good job.