Saturday, April 10, 2010

Old Woman

I was flicking around on the tv today trying to find something to watch! There is never anything on during the weekend :( That was until I stumbled upon Legends of the Fall. Hello Brad!!!!

Ah, the memories. I remember watching this movie when I was growing up! I'm not sure if we were supposed to be watching it.....eek. Anywho, looking at Brad in this movie makes me feel old. He was so young in it. I just googled it and I guess it was made in 1994. Shoot me now!

So, little Noah Vann Halen has taught himself a little trick. He now holds his pacifier in his mouth all by himself. 3 weeks old and already looking after himself.

Every time Tyler changes Noah's diaper, he laughs at his feet. They are too cute :)

We have now upgraded from the boppy to the bouncer. I'm not gonna lie, we may have had the bouncer in the bed with us the other night. We will do whatever it takes to get a few minutes of sleep, don't judge.


  1. uuuunnnnghhhhhh (that's the sound i make when i watch Legends of the Fall... it's this low, moaning, ugly cry... from beginning to end) I don't know why, but that movie turns up the tears for me... what can i say- scalpings and Brother Pitt's bum get to the sentimental side of me, I guess! Love it!

    Ha! Cute lil Man with his take-charge attitude, he's a stud!

    And no judgement from me... i LOVED sleeping with Ava in the bed with us when she was an infant... it was SOOOO convenient and Mama needs her beauty sleep or she turns into Charlize Theron from the movie Monster. It's bad.

  2. bloggin blogging after a whole week and a actually super tired and just wanna go to bed early - yawn! Love the post - love his little feet - love that he's moved to the bouncer and can visualize it in the bed with ya'll....and OK I'll admit it....I LOVE BRAD PITT's ok sams knows, we watched legends last week....yay!

  3. Whatever lets you get a couple of zzz's is the way you have to live from now on! I use to put the baby in the bouncer and was able to bounce with my foot while sneaking some shut eye. You are going to learn all sorts of new skills.

  4. Well he just get's cuter and cuter by the minute...he looks about two mos....totally THE BOSS. Your blog is hilarious Trudi....I can just see you with the bouncer and the boppy in the bed....I know it's not funny in the early hours...but you could not be losing sleep over a more gorgeous little prince....and yet hmmmmm.can't help thinking of all the nights I walked the floor with a certain little princess ....and you were just as worth every minute of it. Love you

  5. He's so adorable, I just want to gobble him up.....not literally. I'm so glad he's enjoying the bouncer, hopefully he'll graduate to the swing next, it's a lifesaver. Although, I don't think the swing will fit comfortably in the bed, ha ha. Also, I think Brad Pitts bum shot was the first mans bum I ever saw. Not too shabby :)