Sunday, April 17, 2011

Eat your heart out Kim....

So my oldest sister Kim has been making salsa for years! It's way good. Like so good that she's even had natives beg her for the recipe. You would think that being family, she would let us in on her secret recipe....but no. When Tyler and I were dating, he was introduced to the salsa and told me that it was my duty as his future wife to get the secret recipe and make the salsa. I begged Kim, but she wouldn't break. I honestly think my brother in law (her husband) was making her keep it hush, hush because he thought they could market it and become billionaires....Nice try Spam. Anywho, one summer a couple of years ago...Kim and her family had left for Florida. My other sister Mandy and her husband and Tyler and I were heading over to Kim's house to swim in the pool. Kim had texted us and said that she had left some salsa ready to go in the salsa maker and all we needed to do was blend it. So.... I picked through the ingredients, taste testing every single one of them and now I make the same salsa. What can I say? I'm not just a pretty face;) Don't worry Kim, I won't tell anyone.



  1. Ive been locked up since reading your blog four days ago.....complete mental
    You are a thief and theifs get their hands chopped off!!! HAHAH.....sure it tasted good but not as good as mine......jk....but true!
    Did I ever mention that were (you and me) part mexican???

  2. im soooo jealous. Dave LOVES her salsa. I promise to keep it a secret too....i swear! Actually it tastes better when I dont have to make it, so ill just supply the ingredients if someone will make it for me. :) thanks!