Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What are you watching?

-It is not news that I love TV. I never watched it in college or while I was single, but once we were married, we started finding shows that we both liked and wanted to follow. I won't lie, there are some that Tyler refuses to watch because he thinks they're chick shows. Whatev...

-Why is Scotty McCreery still on Idol? He actually had the cajones to say "I picked this song (from the movie Pure Country) because I wanted to go back to my country roots." Well Scotty, when have you not sang country on this show, or ever in your life? Seriously, it's not even him that bothers's really just his face and how he holds the microphone. PLEASE GO HOME NEXT!!!!
How annoying is his face?!?!?!?

-Moving on....Everyone knows that my husband has had a man crush on Steven Tyler since he was 8 years old (not kidding). So obviously, when they announced the new judges for this year, Tyler was jumping up and down like a school girl (also not kidding). At first I was semi annoyed because I felt like Steven was perhaps replacing me. Then after the first few episodes, I started liking Steven too. I loved J Lo and could stand Randy even though I felt like he was trying to be hardcore or something. At this stage in the game....I'm over all of them and just want my boy Simon to come back. I feel like all three judges do not judge. They all say the same things EVERY SINGLE WEEK! Also, someone can totally suck (Scotty) and I will cringe through the whole performance and then the judges will give it a standing ovation. WHAT? I don't get it.

-In other news, all my favorite shows are coming to a close for the season. It's sad. BUT, let's be honest...they'll be replaced by other awesome ones for the summer. Here's a few of my many favorites (in no particular order):


I love this show, but what I don't love is having to hear Tyler talk about how great Tom Selleck's mustache is every episode. Seriously!

I don't care if you judge me for watching this show. We've been watching this show since we got married. They have marathons on USA and the local channels, plus they are still running the show, so we watch the new ones every Wednesday. Only problem is, I can't watch it right before bed or there will be no sleeping. Haha.

What are some of your favorite shows?


  1. Hmm, parenthood... where have I seen that recently lol, oh yeah its your sisters favorite show also. I totally agree about scotty, I am getting seriously pissed with every week that he stays on there, annoying!!! I love law and order too, its addicting and ice t, I mean c'mon or is it ice cube? I dunno haha. I love that the Deadliest catch is back, and UFC other than that its the usual and of course my CW shows and NBC thurs night all night, love it. Okay I am addicted to tv. The end.

  2. You know we love Teen Mom 2 also. I'm with Bev, I'm excited that Deadliest Catch started back up again!

  3. I just fast forward through scotty performance - yawn!!! LOVE everrrr!

  4. um....your post made me depressed. We cancelled our cable a few months ago to save money. We have netflix still though. thank goodness, but we watch most of the same shows. (also proof we were preexistence bffs)and I miss them so much sometimes. LOVE Parenthood, SVU, House, Tom Selleck's mustache, American Idol, etc.... (sigh) one day when were rich ill have my shows again.