Friday, April 22, 2011

Flashback Friday

During the summer of 2007 I was going to school at BYU-Idaho. I had just gotten back from living in Vegas from Jan-April where I worked for an attorney. As I was returning to school that summer, he hooked me up with a job at this resort up in Island Park that his family owned. Now I won't lie... I had this picture in my mind of what this job would entail. I was thinking that I would work with a bunch of cool young people, like myself :) and that my summer job was going to rock!!! I also had a vision of hot guys waxing boats..shirtless. I seriously did, and I was seriously wrong!!!! I was the only girl. My boss (the attorney's brother) was pretty cool....for a 40 yr old married man with 6 kids. There were 2 guys who I worked with that were super ghetto. They talked like ex-cons and I swear they more than likely did time for crime. I did not give them the time of day, but also didn't want to be too rude....just in case they were convicts, for real. After working for a couple of weekends, my boss said that busy season was starting (memorial weekend), and if I had any friends that wanted to come up and work they could. I went home and asked my roommate Nellie if she wanted to come with me next week. She agreed.

We set off to Island Park the next weekend together. It was nice to work with someone that I knew, liked, and could relate too. Nellie was HILARIOUS with our shady coworkers. They would attempt to converse with us by trying to act all BAD-A and she would make it her business to shoot them down, or say something like..."Um, I doubt that happened." hahaha. It was so funny. One Saturday morning we sat off to head up to work at the resort. I usually drove my civic up, but Nellie had gotten back from Boise the night before and had her parents pretty new Ford Expedition and wanted to drive. Her parents (who I was pretty close to, her dad had been my bishop for a couple of years) were in California and she said it wouldn't be a problem if she drove.

About 30 mins into the trip, it began to snow. Did I mention it was the month of May? It really was May, but it was Idaho so I can't really say we were too surprised. We joked about the snow, but were deep in conversation and continued up the pass. All of a sudden, the suv began to drift across the 2 lane highway. Nellie was in total control and got us back on our side. This happened 3-4 more times, except the last time we never made it back to our side of the road. The next thing I remember was grabbing Nellie's hand while screaming every obscenity known to me as the expedition went down a hill, flipping 4 times end over end on the way down. We thankfully hit a tree which thankfully wasn't a big tree and it stopped the car. I felt immediate pain in my knees as they had hit the glove box each time the car flipped. My first thoughts were...(and I'm not even joking) "Please let me stay alert so that the EMT's don't cut my clothes off and see me naked." haha.

Most of the windows were gone from the car and it was freezing. We were wearing t-shirts and jeans. Not good. To say I was freaking out is an understatement. Nellie was as calm as can be. I remember she nonchalantly looked at me and said, "Do you need to say a prayer or something?" She ended up saying the prayer because I was still freaking out. These German tourists arrived on scene first with blankets. They had seen us go off the road. The cops and ambulance then arrived. We had to get out through a window and slide down a backboard. The whole time I was making sure my clothes were still on me. Not kidding.

The EMTs took us into the ambulance. They were asking us what hurt. I was still making sure no one would be undressing me, so I said I was fine. All that was visible were some seat belt burns anyway. I remember the ambulance doors flying open and our boss just standing there with the biggest look of fear in his eye. I think he thought we were dead. I was in total shock. Crying hysterically one minute, and then laughing and joking about holding Nellie's hand as we were going off the road.

My hair had been in a pony tail and the EMTs said they had to take out the hair tie because there was some glass in my head from when I hit the window. As they pulled the hair tie out, I remember seeing a long piece of hair fall by my shoulders. I guess I just assumed it was my hair because it was pretty long. Then I noticed Nellie's face..she was just kinda staring at me. The EMT's said something about my hair and asked if I wanted a mirror. Nellie told them not to give me a mirror. I took the mirror and looked in it and saw my luscious, long hair accompanied by a FULL ON MOHAWK! I mean...I didn't even care about the whiplash, the burns, or anything at this point. I was sobbing about my freshly cut mohawk! I sported that bad boy for months. Always had to wear my hair in the utah bump. It was devastating. I never went back to that job, and my hair took about a year to fully grow out!

And now....some pictures!!!

This is the hill we flipped down.

(pictures stolen from Nellie's facebook....Thanks;)


  1. Oh my heavens Trudi! Scary crap!

  2. So scary! You girls were so blessed to walk away from that mess. I can imagine your worry about the EMT's having to cut your clothes off, but that would have been hilarious to add to your story. Especially if they were hot guys :) I remember the mohawk. You totally rocked it!