Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 - Part 2

I decided to go ahead and finish my 2009 review tonight because if I don't do it tonight, I may never get to that. You know how things like that are, right? Anywho, back to our year.

June 2009 - June was a great month for us as we were able to work together at the marketing company. Before I had gotten the teaching job Trudi and I decided that I would apply for a position at the marketing company that she worked for. We hadn't previously applied because we thought it would be a conflict of interest as Trudi is involved in the hiring process and works closely those that are more intimately involved with hiring. But we decided that we should ask and see for and the powers that be said why not? So I applied and interviewed and got hired. My job was to call medical offices around the country and train them on how to use and sell a medical finance option...AKA CREDIT CARD! It was a pretty ok gig. I got to flirt with secretaries on the phone and you can never really beat that. They all said I had a smooth and seductive voice and they would look me up if they were ever in Vegas. I may or may not have made up all or part of that. It was a fun job all in all and was nice because I got to see Trudi alot. Sometimes we rode to work together and that was nice. We couldn't all the time because she didn't work full days on most days. And the pay was better than my previous job. I did have to give up my talk radio habit which I had acquired while sitting in a truck for up to 8 hours a day. It was cool because I also got to put a face to all the crazy people that Trudi would tell me about when she got home from work. Not to talk trash about anyone behind their back or anything but to talk trash about someone behind their back, but there was this guy there who would literally poo on the toilet seat and himself every day. Each and every single day this man would go into the bathroom around the same time and proceed to poo on himself and the toilet seat. At first Trudi and I felt bad for him because he was older and slightly handicapped (he was overweight, so not technically handicapped but effectively handicapped). But after weeks of pooing on yourself, there is no excuse. Once, it's an accident. Twice, it's embarrassing. Thrice or more, good lord man CRAP IN THE BOWL FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! So June consisted of us talking about the poo man. We were also looking forward to Idaho very very much but had to keep it a secret because we didn't want to lose our jobs in Vegas yet.

July 2009 - July was a very exciting month! The highlight of this month was that we found out we were pregnant! The previous month we kind of hoped that we would turn up pregnant but didn't. I guess this was because of that whole ooovulation thing or something fem like that. So we were really looking forward to "that time of month" so that I could buy pregnancy tests and give them to Trudi to pee on. Speaking of pee sticks, I bought like 3 boxes and Trudi peed on each and every test to confirm the initial positive result. I had to go out and buy an expensive box because the cheap box could have been wrong. We finally got it through our thick heads and accepted that we were pregnant. Around this time Trudi got the worse sickness of her life! As it turns out it was a sinus infection from hell. Her head was clogged up all the time and she couldn't sleep and was just miserable. While she was sick, I was in the process of moving all of our stuff to Idaho. The day after we found out we were pregnant we packed up our whole apartment and loaded it onto a trailer to be moved to Idaho.

August 2009 - We were staying with Trudi's sister and brother in law (Kimbo and Sambo) across town while we waited for our house to be opened up for us. You all may remember the Idaho house drama, if you don't remember here's the summary. The B sold our house a week before we were to move in. So we had a week to find a house without being able to visit and see it ourselves. I went up to Idaho to drop all our stuff off at our new house while Trudi stayed in Vegas to work a little more. Trudi's sister Mandy's father in law Garth drove me up pulling our life on the trailer behind his truck. Trudi came up for a weekend with her mom and malcom but had to leave to go back to work. Remember, all the time suffering from the sinus infection from hell. She had gotten an antibiotic from a physicians assistant at walgreens but was still suffering. Long story, a little bit shorter, we ended up moved in to our house in Idaho. It was so nice to finally have Trudi there with me. We still hadn't told anyone that we were pregnant. I guess it's bad luck or something to tell people that you're pregnant until later in pregnancy. I started teaching school in mid August. It was way fun to get back into the classroom. I tell people all the time that high school was such a good experience for me that I decided I wanted to go back and make a career out of it. I'm very lucky to have my job. I wish it paid better though. I'm going to push my kids into medical school or law school or something that's not education!! Anyway, Trudi finally got over that sinus infection from hell proving that she is stronger than any man or hell made disease.

September 2009 - September in Idaho is beautiful! It's still summer but fall is coming. The days are hot and the evenings and nights are cool and relaxing. September is also the beginning of Harvest Season in Idaho. Harvest means spud trucks and falling potatoes. Trudi got a job through a lady in our ward at a major potato product manufacturer. They buy pots from the local farmers and make them into the yummy goodness we love at home such as hash browns and french fries and tater tots. Trudi did lots of things for them including weighing the massive spud trucks as they came in with loads straight from the farms. She did a great job for them and the lady she worked for said she wants her back next harvest season. September also found me busy with school and cross country. I had one cross country meet a week and practice every day after school. It was a real neat experience. I have immense respect for runners. I mean, really, who runs for fun? I loved my cross country kids.

October 2009 - October had one more move for the Matlocks. The house we had been renting was sold. We knew that was a possibility and we had to accept that stipulation when we moved in because we were desperate. It was easier to find a place this time because we weren't 700 miles away. We ended up finding a great little place that is as just as nice and cheaper!! Can't beat that! Cross Country continued and Trudi's seasonal job was ending. So she decided to get started substitute teaching. She does that to this day. Each night she is online and calling the substitute program trying to get a job for the next day. There are several schools in the district that have since moved her to the top of their priority list because she is so good. Being around so many little kids she has learned alot about kids and raising them. You can tell what kids have what kinds of parents she says. She's going to be a great mom for sure. In October we were also looking forward to finding out what we were going to be having, boy or girl. Trudi wanted a girl because she wanted to dress her up like a princess and all that good stuff and I wanted a boy so I could groom him for athletic super stardom.

November 2009 - We find out what we were having. I ended up getting my wish when we found out we were having a boy. The ultra sound pictures were posted here. I love the one where you can see my little man's face and also the one where you can see his "Matlock" feet. I have big feet for my height. And I guess my feet are normal sized, it's my toes that are long. Anywho, you can see his big toes! Also, Trudi didn't post it but they gave us the ultrasound capture that showed us that he was a HE. Let me say this, my son is indeed a MAN! We were also anticipating a visit from my grandma and sister and bro in law and nephew for Thanksgiving. Grandma is serving a mission in the Church Office Building in SLC. Nick and Tara and Jayden flew to SLC from Oklahoma and drove up with Grandma. We had a wonderful visit with them. I felt bad because I didn't have tons of stuff to show them. Let's face it, Burley has no tourism for a reason. I took them out to show them my school. But the main purpose of the trip was just to see them and we were able to do that. We hadn't seen Jayden since we went to Oklahoma for our open house after the wedding. He was almost over a year old in November. It was his first long trip so he was kind of a grump but we still had so much fun with him. Trudi, Tara, and Grandma put together a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. Wayne came down from Rexburg to spend the day with us too. Because he was there, I got to watch football games on thanksgiving! WHOOP WHOOP!

December 2009 - December is the freshest month in my memory. I could go on and on about it but will try to save you some time and give the best parts. Preparations for the baby was one of the themes for this month. Every day, we were on Craigslist or some store website looking at crib or stroller prices. We knew we were having a boy so we were finally able to buy stuff. December also marked the beginning of Basketball for me. The football team at Oakley won the state championship so we got a late start. Most of the town was surprised to see a new head coach as young as me. But I think the boys found out quickly that I meant business. Games started and everything has been really fun. Top highlight of the month was our trip to Oklahoma. We got to see my mom and dad for the first time since January. Mom has had some health problems over the last several months so it was good to see her. We also got to see Nick, Tara, and Jayden again. Jayden was in a much better mood because he was in his element. He put on a show for us!! Christmas was awesome in Oklahoma. We got an uninvited White Christmas but made the best of it even though we were snowed in. Of all the places to be snowed in, Mom and Dad's place is the best! We ate very well. There was so much food all the time! We got to see old friends of mine from high school, go to the mall where I used to hang out, eat at my old favorite restaurant and all sorts of fun things.

There you have it my friends. 2009 Year In Review. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope I didn't bore you too much. I know it was a lot and I thank you for your attention and interest.

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  1. Sounds like overall it's been a good year. Married, new job, baby on the way, all very exciting! Congrats!

  2. highlight of december was your trip to oklahoma? well fine! see if wayne and i ever come to visit again!

  3. highlight of july was finding out you were pregnant? well fine! see if america ever has a birthday again! (and more importantly if will smith saves america from aliens on it's birthday)

  4. Hello folks. I read every word and loved it. Tyler, I think you and I would get along. Trudi, I love you girl. It makes me so happy to hear what a wonderful life you've had this past year...regardless the sinus infection from hell. I hope 2010 is even better!

  5. Tyler, you're such a character! I was send when your post ended. You have a great way of writing. You should start a blog about having to live with Trudi :) j/k.....maybe. It was so sweet reading about your favorite ultrasound pics. I remember when Niamh was born, you were so good with her. I remember thinking then that you would be a great dad. I can't wait to meet your little man. You guys will have such fun with him. And I know for a fact that you'll get up through out the night to help Trudi with the baby.

  6. p.s, I meant to say "sad" not "send."