Monday, January 25, 2010

Is It Friday yet?

Have you ever woken up and really wished that you were just having a nightmare and that you could go back to bed and sleep through it???? Well....enter this morning. I was having the best sleep of my life when I hear the hubs say "Are you freaking kidding me?!?!?" Of course, I don't move and say "What?" and he says..."It's 7:14". So he's supposed to be at work by now and I am due to be at work myself at 8:00. So after we run around like morons for a couple of minutes, I take a 2.5 second shower, jump out and open the bathroom door to see Tyler standing there with my car keys in hand. He tells me that his car won't start and he has to take mine and get gas in one of those little ghetto red things and fill it up. At this point I'm about to call into work to cancel and just go back to bed. But, instead I make a fried egg because you know that's what I eat everyday. Anywho, he comes back with the gas and still no dice on the car starting. Turns out, he ran the battery down. At this point, I'm literally offering myself to call in sick to work. But...NO BUENO! haha. Tyler ended up calling into work and getting a sub for the day. I myself, went into work and subbed for third grade. All day long, it's been one thing after another. Being in third grade today made me want to SCREAM! The kids were whiny and I just wanted to call it quits and have a full day recess. Friday better come soon.


  1. I'm sorry! If you were subbing here in 3rd grade I would make Ryan be nice and non whiny...Actually, he's really pretty well behaved in school if you can believe that (being Jeremy's kid and all). Hope tomorrow is better! :)

  2. That sucks - especially beacuse you still have 3 days before it is Friday. Good luck with the rest of your week

  3. I'm sorry! We have had a couple of those days. On one, Adam actually broke my car window after locking the keys in our only car (when I was suppose to be in class in 15 min) and then he had to miss class. He ended up dropping me off on campus in a car with no side window in February.... in Utah.....and when he picked me up, he put the stereo through the dash. I actually told him not to touch anything else on my car for the rest of the day ;)